In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs Gardener – The Peaceful Bury Rd Garden

Submitted by Joan Regan

Loving my early mornings in the garden, just strolling, cup of coffee in hand. The peace, tranquility, just the sounds of Nature, the birds saying good morning to me, even the cheeky little squirrels seem to be using their softer voices. The noise from our busy little town does not reach us up here. Only the sound of the Cheech every four hours to remind us of the hectic goings on just a couple of blocks away. The garden is starting to wake up, more activity from the little critters that call this little piece of Heaven home.
Way too soon it is the end of the day, however still peaceful and quiet. The back of the garden seems to come alive, especially in August with the little Hummers gathering at the back of the garden. Making note of this a few years ago, I started putting several pots of annuals at the very back of the garden for them. They sure do prefer the flowers to the feeders, and some days I will have 5-6 tiny little ones, flitting back and forth. On hot humid summer days they absolutely love the hose on a gentle spray seeming to bring in the whole family for their daily showers, drying their tiny wings perched on one of the small bushes or trees at the back. Sitting back in that corner, just completely relaxed, it’s quiet it’s peaceful, the perfect ending to my day.
Loving our little Bury Rd. Garden.
Some gardens feed the table, while mine feeds my soul.
Happy August Gardening,
Joni 519-596-2389