Keep the Bruce Clean & Green: Composting, Upcycling and Litter

Bunkie Cunliffe welcomes BPDS grade 1 and 4 students to her home on June 20th. Students learned about composting and its environmental benefits.
Submitted by KTBC&G

On June 20th Keep the Bruce Clean & Green (KTBC&G) hosted BPDS students from Mrs. Garcia-Peacock’s 1st grade and Mrs. Williamson’s 4th grade class as they learned about composting and the environmental benefits at Bunkie Cunliffe’s in Tobermory. Although the weather was a bit cool it didn’t hold back their enthusiasm when hearing about all the benefits of composting in your own backyard. Thanks to the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association for sponsoring the group for the bus trip up from Lion’s Head.
The long weekend Tomato Cage Litter Blitz was very successful this year. Many of the bags left out along Big Tub road were filled each day by the steady stream of walkers traveling to the Big Tub Lighthouse and back. Some bags are still out catching litter along the walkways of the village. Thank you to all who help keep the litter out of ditches, road sides and lawns of the area. The next blitz will be the August Civic Holiday weekend.
The upcycling challenge has begun; please consider joining in the fun. Remember to send us your pictures of the projects you have made from material that would normally be thrown away. Send them to [email protected]
Here’s a couple that came in this week…..
“Here is our “upcycling” adventure! Items used were 3 old tires, discarded lawnmower wheels for eyes, an old rake, cut up and used for our “Garden Gertrude’s” eyelashes…… she got painted up in a gorgeous frog lime green, blue eyes, and of course her bright red lipstick for all the other frogs to see! She has been quite the talk of our neighbourhood lately!”
Jim and Joan Garner Baise Avenue – Tobermory

Jim and Joan Garner’s upcycled “Garden Gertrude” is the talk of the neighbourhood.
So many old hammers with loose heads……What to do? Cut them off and make a hanging rack. Great for indoors and out.