From a Senior Perspective in NBP: Next Meeting September 17

Submitted by Sharron Colter

The strength of Community gives strength to the collective voice of residents on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. There have been two meetings of interested residents representing the various community and senior groups on the Northern Bruce Peninsula to discuss the eight domains of an Age-Friendly Community. Due to a high population of adults 55+ living in Grey Bruce, a Council on Aging Grey Bruce was established as a collective voice for older adults. See more on the Council on Aging Grey Bruce website,
Any programs benefitting seniors benefit all ages by improving the quality of life and wellbeing for all. Therefore meeting to discuss the quality of life in eight age-friendly community domains may improve the quality of life for all on the Northern Bruce Peninsula.
What are the eight Age-Friendly Community domains?
The eight domains include

Outdoor Spaces and Buildings,



Respect and Social Inclusion,

Social Participation,

Communication and Information,

Civic Participation and Employment Opportunities andCommunity Support and Health Services.

The Northern Bruce Peninsula Community Advisory Committee is in its youthful organizational stage while inviting interested residents to attend the next meeting on Tuesday September 17, 2019 from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Municipality Council Meeting Room to discuss what the residents consider the excellent programs that are improving the quality of life on the Northern Bruce Peninsula and the programs needed to ensure quality of life and wellbeing in the future.

What is appreciated and what is needed that will ensure wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle?
At the meeting on July 10, 2019, the participants recognized transportation as a priority needed service on the Northern Bruce Peninsula. Transportation is only one of the eight domains of an Age-Friendly Community developed by the World Health Organization, (WHO) in 2005. Many larger cities in Ontario have adopted an Age-Friendly Community focus while creating their strategic plans. The Northern Bruce Peninsula is unique as it is a rural community with geographic, distance, isolation of seniors, winter weather conditions and local autonomy challenges. How does a Community Advisory Committee encourage collaboration and co-operation between various rural diverse and independent groups to bring their voices under one umbrella to recommend and ensure that an Age-Friendly Community lens will be used while reviewing and updating the Northern Bruce Peninsula Strategic Plan? According to the current Strategic Plan, 2020 will be the year to update the Northern Bruce Peninsula Strategic Plan. Now is the time for the residents to make recommendations for the future.
The historical perspective for the development of an Age-Friendly Communities perspective for Grey Bruce is still evolving but started in Owen Sound in 2014. The Active Lifestyle Centre of Owen Sound held its first Senior Summit in 2014 for Grey Bruce residents. From this first Senior Summit, the Council on Aging Grey Bruce was established with representation of senior volunteers from the 17 municipalities in Grey Bruce. The members of the Council on Aging Grey Bruce, and the Active Lifestyle Centre at or 519-376-8304 have planned the second Senior Summit to be held on the evening of Tuesday September 24, 2019 with dinner and speaker, Dr. Brian Goldman who will discuss his recently published book entitled, “The Power of Kindness” within the Medical Profession. Several informative workshops will be held on Wednesday September 25th in Owen Sound at the Lumley Bayshore Arena. Register for the Senior Summit online or call 519-376-8304. Google Senior Summit Owen Sound Ontario 2019 for more information about the workshops.