Sacred Fire: Holistic Health and Wellness Teaching Facility


Sacred Fire is a holistic health and wellness teaching facility and Northern Bruce community resource centre for artists, musicians, yogis and for those inspired to live out their days…. healthy and whole in Northern Bruce cottage country.
My Father always used to say “You can’t live at the cottage, unless you are healthy.” You also can’t live here, in the beauty of the Northern Bruce, without sovereignty, sustainability and community.
Sacred fire offers opportunities for you to connect with your gifts, passion, purpose and potential on a body, mind, soul, spirit level, in a shared work space and business networking environment that is conducive to personal growth, business expansion, vibrant health and harmonious living.
For more information about our community kitchen, information shares, speakers corners and state of the art programs, call 226-923-3800 or Facebook: Sacred Fire. Ask about our on-line booking calendar.
Located at 233 Myles Bay Shore Road (off the road to Stokes Bay) and at 7405 Hwy 6, Tobermory in the Tobermory Cruise Lines Portside Centre.