Marydale’s 2.0 After 18 Yrs We’re Changing It Up!


After 18 years in operation we’ve decided to change it up a bit. We still have most of your favourites, but we’ve added Homemade Belgium Waffles, Eggs Roma, A BIGGER breakfast, Paninis, Sweet Potato Fries, Amazing Salads, Wraps, Cannolis, Cheesecake Parfait, Build your Own Omelette, and an Espresso Machine. We’ve still got liver, fish, fingers, burgers, fries etc. from Marydale’s 1.0 and now we have spinach, quinoa, pesto, etc. for Marydale’s 2.0. and more Vegan and Gluten options.
Our hours have changed too. We are now open 8:00 am to 3:00 pm seven days a week.
Why the change? Mostly because we lost ½ our staff in a month. A decision had to be made, sell the business or reinvent ourselves. In a 10 day period Marydale’s 2.0 was born. You won’t notice much difference when you walk in the door. People will be visiting, and the girls will be hustling about. I’ve wanted to focus more on breakfast and lunch for a long time, now is the time. There are more options for dinner now as well so it made the decision a little easier.
The second part of this change is our dedication to reducing our environmental imprint. Our condiments are now served in reusable containers, our take out containers are less plastic and more recyclable, our water to go will no longer be in a throw away bottle but a refillable collapsible bottle, straws are paper and only given on request, and at each opportunity we will continue to do better.
Thanks for the last 18 years, not let’s see what the next 18 bring us.