Enjoy Puzzles? Seeking A One-Of-A-Kind Experience? Check Out Biosphere’s New EcoAdventures Escape Room

Submitted by Elizabeth Thorn

Puzzle lovers, are you up for the challenge? Will you be able to “save the world”? This summer the Biosphere Association’s EcoAdventure Program Manager Graham Thomas and volunteers Rod Steinacher and Laura Sagerman have developed an Escape Room adventure for you.
Based on the increasingly popular escape room phenomenon, our outdoor adventure is a fun, challenging group based activity for up to 8 people, set throughout the lush forests and wetlands of Lindsay Tract Trails. The Forest Escape is not for the faint of heart! The future of humanity could be in your hands. Can you decipher the clues to find the location of the deadly canister before time runs out? Clues, puzzles, mechanisms, riddles and combinations must be solved in the right order to lead you to where the secret is hidden. Check out myecoadventures.ca for details on how to register.
Off Track Adventures
Looking to get away from the summer crowds? Seeking unique, one of a kind experiences? Our Off Track flash adventures have been designed by Rick Roman to take you to quieter places and awesome spaces. Join us Saturday afternoons to experience the best kept secrets the Bruce Peninsula has to offer. Imagine walking along a traveled trail, just for a few minutes, then heading Off Track into a secret world of adventure. Find yourself on a little known route winding along a rubble trail beneath the towering wall of the escarpment. Here you will discover amazing sea caves, boulders to climb on and hidden spaces to explore. 
Other Off Tack adventures include a fen walk which takes you to the shores of Lake Huron, a shoreline scramble along Georgian Bay, and a biking/hiking tour combination along one of the most scenic lakeside stretches on the Peninsula.
Don’t miss the July 6th Wildflower Walk led by renowned ecologist Jarmo Jalava – see myecoadventures.ca for details on price and how to register.
Back by popular demand are the Soul Stroll, Brave the Caves, Four Elements and Birding by the Bay guided adventures.
EcoAdventures are a bargain at less than $50 for a three hour adventure. Check our consistent five star Trip Advisor ratings. For dates go to our new website www.myecoadventures.ca
Net proceeds from EcoAdventures go to support the conservation and stewardship work of the Biosphere Association. We appreciate the generous support of the Friends of the Greenbelt Foundation, Regional Tourism, Spruce the Bruce, the National Park and the many merchants and accommodators who support this sustainable tourism offering.