2019 Canada Wide Science Fair: Team Bluewater Results

(back row) L-R: Maisie Cottrill, Reagan Taylor, Brianna Garvey, Ashlyn Kuhl, Islay Graham, (front row) Rachael Urquhart. Photo Credit: Diane Wall
Press Release

From May 12-18th, Team Bluewater competed at the Canada Wide Science Fair at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton with fantastic results. The team had project topics tackling issues such as determining effective methods to lower heartbeat, which medication coating is the most effective in dissolving in simulated gastric acid, determining the ideal habitat conditions for the Piping Plover, testing the memory of honey bees, the creation of a solar powered, web-based, automated greenhouse, and finding ways to manage and test for deoxynivalenol (DON) in corn crop. By earning a spot at the Canada Wide Science Fair, the projects representing Team Bluewater are in the top 400 projects in Canada – an amazing feat! In addition, several members of Team Bluewater have been approached to have their research and projects showcased in academic journals and publications.
The results for Team Bluewater are as follows:
• Islay Graham – “Rake Wrack Risk: Do Piping Plovers Prefer a Clean Beach?”, Hepworth Central Public School
-Platinum Award – Best Junior Project in Canada
-Gold Medal – Junior 
-Youth Can Innovate Award ($500) – selected as an exceptionally innovative and original science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) project with a practical application in advancing the environmental well-being of society.
-Broadcom Masters International Award ($3000) – Islay will be representing Canada at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Anaheim, California in May 2020.
-Western University Scholarship ($4000)
-Challenge Award – Environment 
• Maisie Cottrill – “Pi in the Sky: A Sustainable, Web-Based, Automated Greenhouse”, Sullivan Community School, Desboro 
-Silver Medal – Junior 
-Western University Scholarship ($2000) 
• Rachael Urquhart – “Calm Your Beating Heart: An Experiment on Ways to Lower Heart Rate”, Arran Tara Elementary School, Tara
-Bronze Medal – Junior 
-Western University Scholarship ($1000) 
• Brianna Garvey – “Don Don Don”, Holy Family Elementary School, Hanover, Ontario 
-Bronze Medal – Junior 
-Western University Scholarship ($1000) 
• Ashlyn Kuhl – “Drug Race”, Sullivan Community School, Desboro 
• Reagan Taylor – “Bee Memory”, Bruce Peninsula District School, Lion’s Head 
For further information, contact Bluewater Regional Science and Technology Fair Co-Chair Heather Weber at heatherjweber@hotmail.com or (519) 377-3710.