Peacock’s, Hellyer’s, Scott’s Accept Earth Day Challenge

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Submitted by BPEG, BPBA, NCC, BPBO

Less Plastic on the Peninsula! Earth Day Monday April 22

Rick Peacock and Kyle Hellyer, owners of Peacock’s and Hellyer’s grocery stores, and Scott Hellyer of Scott’s Home Hardware are not just concerned about plastic pollution, they are acting! On Earth Day, they invite you to join them and challenge yourself to a plastic free day. For their part, they will not be using plastic bags for groceries on April 22nd. A small step yes, but a start towards reducing plastic pollution.
Globally, we use about 300 million tons of plastic every year. Much of this plastic is not recycled or reused and ends up in landfills or finds its way into our waters and oceans. Plastics don’t biodegrade, but slowly break down into very small particles that release poisons into the environment and the food chain. A plastic bag is used on average for 20 minutes and takes 400 years to break down! Canadians use one billion plastic bags a year!
What can we do??
Avoid using single use or disposable plastic items:
-No plastic straws
-No plastic coffee stirrers
-No plastic bottles, and of course
-No plastic bags!
So please join Rick, Kyle and Scott, as together we can move to reduce single use plastics on the Peninsula. Happy Earth Day!
This article is brought to you by the Bruce Peninsula Environment Group, Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, Nature Conservancy of Canada and the Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory.