Family Day Fun at Rotary Hall

Family Fun Day
Arts & crafts were enjoyed at the Family Fun Day at the Rotary Hall in Lion’s Head.
Submitted by Marydale Ashcroft

There was a time when families used to gather at community buildings. The kids would play and the adults would visit. There was always food, laughter and music. 

Family Day in Lion’s Head was a revisit to that time. Aunt Donkey’s and The Rotary Club provided the location, the food, and the crafts. All ages were invited to attend and all ages showed up! It’s estimated that 125 people enjoyed popcorn, hotdogs, tacos and snacks.

There was painting with Ann, bath bomb making with Brianna, Penny and Sarah, cupcakes and cookies to be decorated, donated by Debbie and Sarah, story telling by Doug, guitar playing by John, Face Painting with Maddie, games, road hockey, a campfire (thanks Derek) and how to make balloon art with Monique and Zenaida. 

Aunt Donkey and Sarah would like to thank everyone that showed up to participate and help. Also thanks to Dave, Maxine and Catherine for helping from start to finish. And to the people that helped with clean up, Dona and Jennifer. 

We will see you all next year, same day, same place.