MRI Fundraising Update: Miller Lake RONA Leads Walsh Family Challenge with $5,030.00 Donation

The latest business to step up to the Walsh Family challenge is Doidge Building Centres Ltd. (RONA), who contributed $5,030.00 towards the new MRI fundraising.
Submitted by Kevin Walsh

Bruce Peninsula residents and businesses continue to give! Thanks to all who have given. If you haven’t, please consider doing so.
The latest challenge comes from Doidge Building Centres Ltd. (RONA). The donation made by Doidge Building Centres Ltd is for $5,030.00 which is a new leader in the Walsh Family fundraising challenge. Dennis and Kathy Doidge and family have put forward a challenge to all Building Centres within the area covered by all 5 foundations that support the Owen Sound Regional Health Centre.
A huge Thank You to the Doidge Family for your generosity from ALL OF US, as a donation to health care IS for ALL OF US!
A public update on funds raised so far will be coming soon. Please remember that any donation is significant, we all need to give what we can.
Please help OUR FOUNDATION meet its share of the MRI fundraising. BPHSF accepts cash, cheques made payable to BPHSF, visa and MasterCard. April Patry can be reached at the foundation office in the Allied Professional building beside Wiarton Hospital at 519-534-5856.
If you have any questions give Kevin a call. He would gladly meet with you. If he doesn’t have the answer, he’ll get one. He can be reached at 519-270-3637.