Tremendous Support For Tobermory Food Bank During Holiday Season


Submitted by Linda Godhue

Over the holiday season, the Tobermory Food Bank once again greatly benefited from the overwhelming support from the community. People who stopped by during the Santa Claus Parade and had a hot dog and gave a generous donation. Those who took the time to donate to the “Stuff the Cruiser” with 602 lbs. of food. Thank you to Bob Buckley and his OPP colleagues who gave of their time for this event. Also thank you to Peacock’s Foodland staff who packed the many sizes of donation bags making it easy for folks to purchase and donate. Peacock’s had the cart out prior to the event and on into the holiday season. This effort collected many pounds of donations. People were very generous in their donations of monies and food over the Holidays, as well as the number of businesses and organizations who gathered donations for the Food Bank at their holiday celebrations. And as always, we are very grateful to the Ladies Auxiliary of Tobermory Legion, members of Branch 290 and the Churches and organizations that support us all year round. 

This column is so often made up of messages of gratitude, but the Tobermory Food Bank Committee wants all to know that this generosity and support enables us to carry on our work. Our numbers have increased over the past year and with the cost of food expected to rise, we know that there will be people in our community in need of ongoing assistance. Food Security is a growing issue in all communities.

The Food Bank resumed its regular hours Tuesday January 8th from 1-3 p.m. at the meeting place. We were fortunate to have two new volunteers join us in December. Our next meeting is Tuesday February 5th, 1 p.m., at the Meeting Place. If you are thinking of becoming a volunteer or have any questions, please call Linda at 519-596-2333.