Grade 1, 2, 3 St Ed’s Students Write “Dear Santa” Letters


Submitted by Mr. Ratz

Dear Santa……

I want a Nintendo switch, Mario party, a four-wheeler and trailer for it, Mario stuffies, and a computer with Mine Craft. I have been a very good boy at school and at home. Bentley (Grade 2)

Can I have an Ironman Lego for Christmas, and a computer hard-drive so I can play Mine Craft? I have been pretty good this year and help out at home and share my game console with Devon. I have also been good at school and always follow instructions. Sebastian (Grade 3)

Can I please have a Nintendo switch and all of the games that go with it, any Mario stuffies that I don’t already have and a set of headphones? I have been good in school and kind to others. I have also been a good boy at home for my Mom and sister. Vincent (Grade 2)

I have been good to my friends and to my mom and would like a dinosaur finger ring, grumpy guys, lots of dinosaur fingerlings, and the indoraptor toy collection! Aria (Grade 1)

I have been a very good girl all year at home and at school. I would like to have a white ponytail wig like Elsa, a crown like Elsa, a real phone, and some snap-on earrings for my ears. Shea (Grade 1)

I want a Barbie dreamhouse that has a bathroom, kitchen and a couch in the living room. If you could also get me some Barbie clothes and accessories I would really like that. One last thing would be a Barbie that can move. I have been good at home and I work hard at school. Thanks Santa! Miah (Grade 2)

(Note: Mason in Grade 2 is on vacation and therefore will not be submitting a letter to Santa!)