BPEG’s Annual Potluck and AGM: New Board Elected

The 2018 BPEG Board (L-R) Wendi Schmindt, Christianna Reimer-Catteau, Joanne Rodgers, Esme Batten, Stuart Burgess, Nancy Pedoniquotte, Rod Layman.

Submitted by Jan MacKie

On November 7 the Bruce Peninsula Environment Group held its annual potluck & annual general meeting.

The evening began with a delicious potluck, lots of homemade dishes and of course more enjoyable for being able to share it with other members of BPEG.

Before moving into the elections for the board for the coming year a few announcements were notable.

Steve Weller introduced the new NP Co-Work Space – a great new opportunity for those working out of their homes to have a dedicated “office” space to go to where there is the opportunity to exchange and share ideas and learn about what other talents lie hidden in the folds of the community. This space is in the Rotary Hall every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am to 4pm for the next year. It is an experiment supported by the Municipality and Rotary – there will be free wifi available, good coffee will be brewing and an animator on hand to help you find your place in this new space. A great place to share ideas and to find others who might be able to assist with questions and challenges you have re: working remotely.

We were reminded that BPEG is entering its 30th year. One of the highlights of this past year’s meetings was a visit from Ziggy Kleinau, one of the original founders of BPEG, who at 89 is still involved in monitoring and acting on environmental issues and who gave funding for a bursary for students doing interesting environmental studies at BPDS.

In the election process for the coming year’s board, we saw a number of positions being maintained by last year’s executive since the usual term of office is two years. There were also a few board members who changed their positions and then a new student rep was nominated (and in this case it was decided to have two students take the position since students willing to take this role on often are very busy in their last years of high school). There were also three members at large nominated and voted in. And so the board for 2018 is: Rod Layman – Chair; Esme Batten – Vice-chair; Wendi Schmindt – Treasurer; Trevor Anderson – Secretary; Joanne Rodgers – Media chair; Christianna Reimer-Catteau: Student rep (shared with Payton); Members at Large – Brian Taylor, Nancy Pedoniquotte & Stuart Burgess.

The meeting ended with Susie King giving out beautifully handmade thank you cards to members leaving the board – Iyla, Meghan, Sebastien, Ryan & John Baker – plus Trevor Anderson presented a card to Susie – although not a board member, she will continue to create posters that announce the upcoming meetings and events.