Ecotours Support Local Environmental Conservation Work 

Submitted by Sarah Flanagan,
Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association 

EcoAdventures, a social enterprise of the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, offers an educational and meaningful way to experience the local environment. Our motto, Play, Learn, Make a Difference, summarizes the experience participants can count on receiving when taking part in an EcoAdventure. 

Our offerings are fun, educational, and impactful. EcoAdventures tours are a great way for families and friends to enjoy exploring and spending time together outdoors. Additionally, with these curated hikes, participants will leave with valuable and fascinating knowledge about the natural world that surrounds them. 

In this way, EcoAdventures contributes to the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association’s mission to educate the public about our local ecosystem and the challenges that face it. 

Booking an EcoAdventure also helps to financially support the environmental conservation work carried out by the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association, which is now over 20 years old. This work includes the conservation of habitats and endangered species, water quality management, and preservation of the peninsula’s dark skies. For example, the Biosphere’s Six Streams and Bioremediation initiatives are responsible for gathering information on the quality of the water in local streams, providing cattle with alternative watering sources to those streams, replacing failing septic systems, reducing phosphorus and sediment loading from soil into streams, and improving shoreline quality and stewardship. 

You can support efforts like these by booking an eco-tour or recommending an eco-tour to your family, friends, and visitors. All net proceeds go towards our charitable non-profit. 

This summer’s offerings include old favourites such as Brave the Caves, Night Hikes, and the Summer House Escape Room. 

Our Brave the Caves tours are held at Greig’s Caves, the site of awe-inspiring 7,000-year-old limestone sea caves. Participants are led by an expert guide to lesser known chambers in this captivating underground world, while learning about the forces that have shaped the landscape and natural history of the area. 

Our Night Hikes take place at Black Creek Provincial Park and Smokey Head/White Bluff Provincial Park, where participants venture through wetlands, dunes, forests, and rocky outcrops while learning about the night ecology of these precious habitats from an expert guide. 

Finally, our Summer House Escape Room is the perfect activity for families and friends. Fun and suspense abound as participants race against time to discover clues and solve puzzles as a team. 

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