Sewage System Maintenance and Replacement Incentive Program

Submitted by Neils Munk

Funded by Ministry of the Environment, Conservation and Parks (MOECP)

The Bruce Peninsula has one of the highest concentrations of globally, nationally and provincially rare species in all of Canada, including 14 Federally regulated species at risk and 17 listed as endangered and or threatened at the Provincial level. The Peninsula has also been identified by the Healthy Lake Huron initiative as a priority area for protection.

The Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association’s Six Streams Project has begun the fourth year of our MOECP-funded initiative to help address nutrient management and aquatic habitat conservation. The Six Streams Ecosystem Protection and Restoration Project is a multi-year program of the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association.

The streams and their watersheds which are the focus of the initiative include Judges Creek, Little Pike Creek, Swan Lake Drain, Black Creek, Stokes River and Old Woman’s River. Protecting, maintaining, and restoring the water quality and aquatic habitat of these six inland Bruce Peninsula streams will produce benefits for their ecosystems and for the nearshore aquatic ecosystems of Lake Huron and Georgian Bay into which they drain.

With funding from the MOECP, the Sewage System Maintenance and Replacement Incentive Project involves working with property owners and residential sewage systems near surface water. With a focus on Judges Creek, Stokes and Old Woman’s River watersheds to improve local water quality, the Project helps to enable the review, repair or replacement of household septic systems near the watercourses.

For interested home and cottage owners, project funding is available for maintenance pump-out of eligible systems, along with professional information and advice. Where needed, up to $4,000.00 in financial incentives for system repair or replacement can be provided.

If you are interested in further information on the program, have any questions or are considering the replacement of your sewage system, please contact us at (519) 373-1102.