Climate Change, Equality, and Fair Play All Themes Explored at BPDS

BPDS students and staff celebrated Pink Shirt Day on February 22. This Anti-Bullying Day is an annual event where people wear a pink-coloured shirt to stand against bullying.
Submitted by Emily Cameron

BPDS staff and students continued to explore Power Possibilities in January, focusing our attention on reducing waste and efficiently using energy. 

BPDS students participate in a toy swap – where students could bring a toy no longer played with and swap it for a “new-to-me” toy. The event highlighted sustainability and responsible consumption.

Melissa Rosenburg’s class has been learning about sustainability and responsible consumption. They organized a toy swap – where students could bring a toy no longer played with and swap it for a “new-to-me” toy. Students wanted kids to be aware that instead of filling landfills with old toys and buying new, swapping is a fun and sustainable solution. There were even enough toys donated so that every child that wanted a toy could choose something. Melissa Rosenburg said, “Thanks to everyone who participated.” 

Also on January 16 was the Outers practice Winter Camp. The Outers program is celebrating over 50 years. Campers braved the cold weather and ice pellets overnight, focusing on survival techniques and ways to stay warm outdoors. They are gearing up for their upcoming 3-day winter camp at the Bluewater Outdoor Education Centre. 

On January 24 we recognized National Sweater Day in order to bring attention to climate change. Everyone in the school was asked to consider wearing a sweater to signify turning down those thermostats and using less energy. 

February was our “Peace at the Pen” month. Many classroom lessons focused on equality, specifically Black History Month. Nora Scott’s Jedi club shared daily announcements that celebrated black athletes, singers, musicians, and politicians. We also played Motown music on the announcements for the last six days in February and reflected how this genre of music contributed to many other styles. It was a great way to start our day!

Sarah Peacock and Nora Scott procured a grant for Experiential Learning with a focus on Indigenous Knowledge. They are working with local knowledge keepers and coordinating several hands-on experiences including a fieldtrip to Cape Croaker Park, language sessions, and other cultural experiences.

Equality was on all our minds, as we celebrated Pink Shirt Day on February 22 and brought attention to anti-bullying initiatives. Our slogan was, “Be a buddy not a bully!” 

In extra-curricular news, many clubs have started up. January saw our first Elementary Chess Club tournament. Our first tournament winner was Travis Vanderkooy. Teacher Sarah Peacock said, “Thanks to community members who have donated chess boards to us.” 

Brothers Kyle and Travis Vanderkooy playing Chess during February’s tournament at BPDS.

In athletic news, the Secondary Nordic Ski team participated at Hepworth Trails on Wednesday, February 15. Both James and Grace Wheeler won second in their respective divisions. Coach Jen Cameron said, “Huge congratulations to both Grace and James Wheeler for their results at the CWOSSA Nordic Skiing. They battled horrible ski conditions and weather, but both achieved phenomenal results.” 

Grace placed 1st in the Senior Girls High School Division and James placed 2nd in the Junior Boys High School Division. Both will represent BPDS at OFSAA. 

The Secondary Girls’ Volleyball teams wrapped up their seasons. Coaches Clark and King noted the girls played fair and represented our school with pride. Clark said, “Our high school volleyball team had an exciting year, starting off with some early wins, we looked to build off of this for the season. Our girls focused a lot on skill development and learning their new positions with the return to sports after two years away. They worked hard and fought hard in every game. The girls always brought a positive attitude that helped keep the matches close. Our juniors season ended with a tough loss against GBSS in very close sets. Our seniors played in their CWOSSA qualifiers at KDSS – although we lost it was hard fought right to the end. We hope to build on these successes next year” 

Panthers are gearing up for Secondary Badminton, Elementary Basketball, speeches, and several experiential learning opportunities. 

Stay tuned for more exciting news from BPDS!