Sources of Knowledge is Back (We Hope!) April 20 to May 1, 2022


Submitted by Ryan Matheson

Can you believe it is coming up to three years since the last Sources of Knowledge Forum in spring 2019 when we took time to learn about Fathom Five National Marine Park? Covid has pre-empted so much in our lives, but Sources of Knowledge remains undaunted and we’re planning to be back with our April 29-May 1 2022 forum: The Climate is Changing: Will We?

 Here is a glimpse into our planned Forum agenda, with a little more detail on one of our exciting speakers to get you as excited as we are! Here are the confirmed speakers to date:

Steve Lee – climate educator and his 3% empowerment project for schools

Bill Caulfeild-Browne – climate change in Tobermory

Dr. Peter Victor – ecological economics

Daimen Hardie – co-founder of Community Forests International

Dr. Stephen Scharper – back with his much-loved environmental film festival 

Mark Taylor – former Canadian Coast Guard captain in the Arctic as the Saturday Arctic photo essay

John Terpstra – national award-winning poet and writer

Ralph Martin – PhD in Plant Agriculture on the role of farming in climate action

Fraser Thompson – Eco-Justice lawyer assisting seven young Canadian climate leaders who launched a legal fight for a safe and healthy future, starting with a safe climate. 

Our feature speaker this month is Dr. Peter Victor, an economist and York University Environmental Studies professor, author of Managing Without Growth: Slower by Design, and a recent biography of Herman Daley one of the first economists to write about steady-state economics and ecological economics. In Managing Without Growth, Dr. Victor shows why long-term economic growth is infeasible by presenting several scenarios including ambitious greenhouse gas emissions reductions. He demonstrates that sustainable prosperity is possible with reduced income equality, shorter working hours, and cessation of economic growth: a better alternative for the Earth and human society.

Note that if you registered for the 2019 Forum and left your funds with us, you are good to go. We will reconfirm your registration when registration opens. New registrants will be welcomed closer to the Forum date – as always the event will be a popular one! Also note that the Sources of Knowledge website has been recently updated with new sections on parks and protected areas, species at risk, and climate change – we invite you to have a look at

Stay tuned for more on the Sources of Knowledge April 29 – May 1, 2022 Forum.