Swords donated by Nicole and Bob Boorse originally belonged to Kenneth Lincoln Boorse, a WWII veteran.

Donated Military Swords Displayed with Community Help

Submitted by Elaine Sinha

At the time of this writing warmer weather has arrived and there is a possibility that life may return to some semblance of normal in the next few weeks. Until then, nothing much has changed except those of us who are normally at work at this time of the year are enjoying the spring weather. 

Some time ago, the branch received a donation of two military swords from Nicole and Bob Boorse. These swords belonged to Kenneth Lincoln Boorse, a WWII veteran. The Executive was pleased to receive this donation as it would add to the items already on display at the branch, but needed to figure out a way in which to display the swords respectfully and safely. We didn’t need any Saturday night duels! 

The plaque recognizing the donation of WWII swords from Nicole and Bob Boorse.

Thank you Chris McCoy for obtaining the display cases and mounting the swords, to Rick Lane for the plaque and contacting the Boorse family and to Barney Hopkins for hanging the plaque. The biggest thank you goes out to the Boorse family for thinking of the legion with their donation and, as you can see by the pictures, the swords look amazing. 

Hopefully, soon you will be able to admire the swords in person. Please watch the sign out front of the legion for the most up to date information on that. 

Until then please continue to stay safe, healthy and sane.

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