Tobermory Chamber of Commerce Recommends Mandatory Masking for 2021

By John Francis, Bruce Peninsula Press

At a recent meeting, the Executive Board of Tobermory Chamber of Commerce decided it was appropriate to have a Chamber policy regarding health and safety protocols.

Chamber President Kent Wilkens summed up the protocols:

“Chamber members should be informed on what their rights are as businesses.

1) People who continue not to wear masks, or to wear them under the nose, are more likely to catch COVID and are more likely to be carriers.

2) Taking necessary precautions to protect and respect the rights of other customers, employees, owners (we, overall, are not in the young age group) and our local population base, is not only a good thing, but should be a priority.

3) ‘No shoes, no shirt, no service’ is not a health department requirement — it’s a business choice. Mandatory masking is much the same.

4) When a merchant posts signs with restrictions, for whatever reason, if those signs are intentionally ignored by customers, that comes under the Trespass Act and is a chargeable offence which the police will respond to.

5) Those who have legitimate reasons to not take precautions to protect themselves or others can be handled with curbside pickup.”

Tobermory Chamber of Commerce recommends that last year’s “MASKS MANDATORY” policies be continued until further notice.