The Vaccines Are A Coming

Submitted by Dr George Harpur

In the face of the obvious over abundance of noise and fury over the vaccine issue I’m reluctant to say much. What I will say is there is still far too much energy being wasted on criticism of past history, which changes nothing, and a failure to appreciate that this whole episode is a learning process and not surprisingly has uncovered a lot of governments and agencies with learning difficulties and perceptual handicaps. 

The vaccines will get here in spite of these stumbling steps forward and rather than complaining about past errors we should remain grateful that the rate of progress in this field has been astonishingly rapid and has added significantly to our arsenal of weapons against anything these viruses come up with in the future. 

As far as fears for the safety of the vaccine are concerned the strongest statement I can make in that regard is that as a somewhat ancient physician going in and attending to people in the local nursing home, I had no hesitation in accepting the proffered vaccine. I’ve had both doses and if I hadn’t had to complete lengthy questionnaires on both occasions, would really not have noticed that I’d received them. It’s now three weeks since my last booster dose and no chicken feathers or rabbit’s ears yet.

The Family Health Team are in the final stages of preparing the manner in which immunization will be made available on the upper Peninsula, a plan which is basically identical to the approach used for the annual flu immunizations at Lion’s Head and Tobermory, but grouped by age following the directions provided by our local Public Health. The initial stages will involve just clinic patients who will be called by the receptionists to set up appointments, but depending on vaccine availability, the scope will be widened as quickly as supply permits.

The dates and criteria for those clinics will be advertised well in advance by paper and word of mouth so stay tuned to the Peninsula rumour and your local gossip channel. 

The issue of delaying the time to the second dose is being described as an experiment by some authorities, and in a way they are right, but it has to be the largest and most successful experiment ever conducted based on the results coming in from around the world. 

Best evidence anyone could ask for and very reassuring.