No More Sitting on the Sidelines Truli Wetsuits for Women Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Make Water Sports Accessible to EveryBODY

Media Release

Tobermory, ON – Being told “you can’t do it that way” has yet to stop Tobermory entrepreneur, Mia Toose, from designing the most inclusive wetsuit for women in watersports, and it’s certainly not going to keep her from getting her products to the women who want them now. 

An avid scuba diver and all around water woman herself, Mia created Truli Wetsuits to solve a problem countless women have faced; wetsuits are typically designed for men’s bodies and trying to fit a woman’s body into one is uncomfortable at best, and more often embarrassing and painful. 

“It’s shameful women are sitting on the sidelines and not participating,” Says Mia of the barrier created by ill-fitting equipment. 

“With wetsuits that fit, women are properly protected from the elements and empowered to participate in whatever water sport they’re interested in – scuba diving, kitesurfing, paddling, surfing, swimming.” 

Over the last 5 years, Mia has perfected 4 wetsuit designs and a unique sizing system that includes 23 sizes to fit all women’s bodies. Divers around the world love her suits, and this year she received more inquiries than ever from women who simply wanted to enjoy being in the water with their family as they spent more time outdoors, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Mia has bootstrapped the company to this point and now her dream of making water sports accessible to all women is just one crowdfunding campaign away.

Purchasing inventory is the biggest expense for Truli Wetsuits. Mia has turned to crowdfunding site, “IFundWomen” to raise the $20,000USD she needs to purchase inventory and make the full line-up of sizes and designs available to purchase going forward. 

The campaign is running until November 30 and supporters can choose from different rewards, including pre-ordering their own wetsuit for a discounted price. 

Meeting the campaign goal will mean Truli Wetsuits will be able to empower “truly everyBODY” to participate in water sports.


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