The Vanderkooy crew, Travis, Kyle and Isabella, all came home with first place medals from the October 1st BPDS Cross Country run! Travis earned a spot on the Top 10 record board for Grade 5/6 boys and Kyle earned a spot for Grade 3/4 boys.
Submitted by Terri McIver

On October 1, B.P.D.S. held their annual Cross Country run with a few modifications in place due to Covid-19. Congratulations to all our Panthers on their outstanding athletic abilities that day. 

A special shout out to the following students who gained a spot on the Cross Country top ten record board. This is often a very special honour that many B.P.D.S. students work towards every year. 

• Kindergarten Girls – Alexy Williamson  

• Grade 1/2 Boys – Trent Lyle  

• Grade 3/4 Girls – Avery Sachs and Tamara Thompson 

• Grade 3/4 Boys – Kyle Vanderkooy  

• Grade 5/6 Girls – Alexis Liverance 

• Grade 5/6 Boys – Travis Vanderkooy  

• Grade 7/8 Boys – James Wheeler 

BPDS Cohorts Participate in Cross Country

Submitted by Matt Pickett, BPDS Principal

Each year Bruce Peninsula District School (BPDS) athletes compete in Cross country.  It is a sport built for socially distancing.  In this picture (below) the rabbit, James Wheeler (who also gained a spot on the BPDS Cross Country top ten record board for his win in the grade 7/8 boys race), is leading the athletes through the race course.  Students competed as a cohort for Phys Ed to accommodate appropriate distancing. We so want things to return to normal – this day provided a little bit of that.