“I Did It” – 1,000 kms of Round Trips to Lion’s Head Completed


Today I completed my ten 100km round trips to Lion’s Head on my bike, “virtually” taking me from near Renfrew, Ont, through Quebec and into New Brunswick. Over the last 4 Septembers I’ve now gone from Vancouver to New Brunswick, and hopefully I can continue for real through New Brunswick and possibly the rest of the Maritimes next Sept.

Thank you to all who honked, waved, or otherwise offered me encouragement along the way, especially my husband Geoff, who always had a hot lunch waiting when I got back, and also came with me one day, and Capt G, on whose bench I ate my breakfast in Lion’s Head on several mornings. Regrettably Bill Chesney, who planned to come with me, had a family bereavement and couldn’t join me on the day.

The picture shows the traditional bike up Victory Salute, at the end of a race. Not bad for a feeble old woman eh!

Bunkey Cunliffe,