Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula September Report: Lighthouse Ornaments Sell Out

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Rotary thanks all the people who contacted us and bought the ‘Lighthouse’ Christmas Ornaments we recently sponsored. Two hundred of them were ordered and they all sold in less than a week. We are not sure, at this time, whether we will try to get some more, but it was obvious that people responded well to this idea and we are grateful.

Rotary’s Lighthouse Silent Auction a Great Success

What a great event!  Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to all those who were successful bidders. We also extend our thanks to those who donated to this special event. Thanks to John Mallott and the workers at the Marina who encouraged people to bid and helped. Ryan Deska, Facilities Manager for the Northern Bruce Peninsula also deserves a ‘pat on the back’ for all his work and the encouragement he gave to this project.   Of course, our Rotary Coordinator of the event, Doug Embleton did a wonderful job.

We raised a total of $1,350.00 at our Silent Auction and are thrilled with the results.  

This was, indeed, a community effort. We can be proud of the Northern Bruce for making ‘getting it done’ once again. Our lighthouse will soon be back guarding our shores and being a beacon to all who venture to our waters and community. The shell has been prepared but there is still a lot of work to do. Stone facing of the exterior and mounting of the electrified beacon still needs to be completed before our lighthouse is fully operational. Hopefully, the shell will be on the foundations later this month.  The Silent Auction will certainly help the team reach their goals.

Financial donations can still be made to the Lighthouse Project through the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula.  Please call the Municipal Offices for details as to how you can help.  If you donate to this project through the Municipality you will receive a tax receipt.  

A Rotary ‘Tip of the Hat’ to Doug Hill and Brian Swanton for their leadership with the campaign to rebuild the lighthouse and to the team that made it all happen in Doug Hill’s shop. We can be proud. 

Busking Performance Exceeds Expectations

L-R: Dr. Brian Taylor, Jackson Harvey, Dominik Franken and Arwen Robinson. Jackson and Arwen are Brian’s grandchildren.
L-R: Local musicians Rod Layman and Gerry Gregory.

We knew that the local musicians would do a fantastic job and we also were sure everyone who heard them would be impressed. What we did not expect was the tremendous support from the public that was given to Rotary financially. It was heartwarming and we cannot thank the public and the musicians enough for helping with so many of our local projects with their donations.

With the help of all the musicians who participated we collected $570.00 in donations! All the proceeds will enable Rotary to fulfill its pledges and respond to the needs in our community. Thank you all!

Most importantly, as well, everyone who took part or watched had a wonderful time!