Volunteers on the lighthouse rebuild project: Brian Swanton Jr, Logan Swanton, Brian Swanton Sr, Doug Hill. Missing from photo, Devan Swanton.
By John Francis

Lion’s Head’s iconic lighthouse was destroyed in a winter storm earlier this year. But the community rallied around a rebuild project and the new lighthouse is well on its way to completion. It is very similar to the original 1913 version, but it has been modified slightly to make it more resistant to storms and ice damage.

A crew of volunteers has been working every weekend in Doug Hill’s construction shed to get the job done. With planning and project management by Hill and Brian Swanton (both of whom were involved 40 years ago in creating the replica that was destroyed earlier this year) the building is steadily taking shape.

They hope to have the finished shell ready to move onto the already-completed footing by late August. It will be moved in three pieces and put in place by a crane. That will leave September and October for installing the stairways, cladding, wiring and upper windows. Hill and Swanton expect the project to be complete before the snow flies.

Fundraising for the lighthouse has been going well. Anyone wishing to contribute (it’s tax-deductible) will find easy-to-follow instructions on the municipal website (www.northbrucepeninsula.ca).