Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula: New Rotary Executive Begins a New Rotary Year

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Rotary is always excited when a new year begins. For our Rotary Executive and Committee Chairs, that new year begins on July 1st. This year we have a complete new executive team at the helm. Our president, CATHRYN BUCKLEY, is certainly not new to Rotary. She is an experienced Rotarian with lots of both local, district, and international exposure and experience. Our members are very excited.

Cathryn Buckley is the new President of the Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula.

Cathryn has already set goals for this new Rotary year. It has, of course, been somewhat turned upside down with this ‘Covid-19’ experience we are all going through but she is leading us through it with determination and vision. Besides setting goals for the year, she has encouraged us to do virtual fundraising, looked at how we can grow as a club and attract new members, and determined a need for more diversity in our club. We are excited about the year ahead.

Cathryn’s executive is outstanding. Her new secretary is David Mansfield who, although relatively new to Rotary, is not relatively new to the community or to working to improve the lives of others. David and his wife Maxine and his family have been familiar faces in Lion’s Head for years. They are both community-minded and we can look forward to great new ideas. Maxine is also a Rotarian and will, I’m sure, make sure David keeps the secretarial books in good order.

New Rotary Secretary David Mansfield.

Catherine Henderson is our new treasurer and she has a wealth of experience on a variety of committees in the Northern Bruce. She is very computer literate and will certainly keep our books in order during this very challenging time.

New Rotary Treasurer Catherine Henderson.

We also have a group of directors and committee chairs who will ensure that work continues in spite of the challenges ahead.

The Membership and Public Image Committee is chaired by Rotarian Jim Dilamarter. 

The Foundation Committee will be chaired by long-time Rotarian Captain Gerald Greig.

The Scholarships Committee will be chaired by Rotarian Robert Hiscott.

The Hall and Service Committee will be chaired by our past treasurer and long-time Rotarian John White.

The Finance Committee will be chaired by Rotarian David Hosken.

The Green Committee which is responsible for ‘greening’ Rotary events will be chaired by Rotarian Erin Greig.

The Fundraising Committee will be chaired by Past President Rotarian Doug Embleton.

There will also be a ‘Program Committee’ this year which will facilitate programs for our meetings.

New challenges await our club and we are excited as our new year begins.