Peninsula Bruce Trail Club Opens New Trail at Barrow Bay

Barrow Bay Cliffs Nature Reserve offers spectacular views of the escarpment shoreline in Barrow Bay.
Submitted by Barbara Reuber

If you’re a hiker, or just love to be out in nature, there is a new trail at Barrow Bay that adds to the places where you can enjoy the spectacular scenery of the Peninsula. The Peninsula Bruce Trail Club officially opened this new section of the Bruce Trail on June 27. The trail features cliffs, spectacular lookouts, dense forests and is habitat to a long list of wildlife and rare species of flora and fauna. 

Members and supporters of the Bruce Trail Conservancy have been working for 35 years to make this piece of the Bruce Trail a reality. In 2019, the BTC purchased a 370 acre parcel of land just south of Lion’s Head, and created the Barrow Bay Cliffs Nature Reserve which allowed the effort to come to fruition. Previously, hikers had to endure tedious hiking along Rush Cove Road, Scenic Caves Road and Bruce Road 9 to complete this section of the Bruce Trail. The new trail makes it possible to take seven kilometers of trail off the road. 

The staircase to provide access from the scarp edge to the shoreline below.

The trail was the result of a long effort of raising funds, acquiring land, building the trail and finally putting in a staircase to provide access from the scarp edge to the shoreline below. It was made possible by the support of members of the Bruce Trail Conservancy, donations and many hours of volunteer effort. Now that the trail is complete, volunteers from the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club will act as stewards of the Barrow Bay Cliffs Nature Reserve and maintain the trail for everyone’s use. 

The new trail entrance is just south of Barrow Bay. Parking is available in the Bruce Trail parking lot near South Shore Road (please respect the local community and do not park on the west side of Bruce Road 9). 

If you choose to visit the trail, please hike responsibly. To obtain information regarding the Peninsula Bruce Trail Club, including information on membership, donations, trail guides and maps, go to their website at: