Letter: “The Calamari Please”


Well, by now most of you know Teo, our Australian Shepherd. This is a Teo Tale…enjoy.

Dogs are allowed on the open patio of the Fish & Chip Place, in Tobermory: Teo loves the Fish & Chip place. On our walks in downtown Tobermory, Teo always goes up the steps and sits and waits to see if “anyone is there” yet. 

So yesterday, on our visit, sure enough THEY were opening up. Well he sat at the entrance and would not come down! I actually had to explain to him that they were not open yet, just getting prepared. So one of the guys came over and asked me if I needed help. I explained that the Fish & Chip Place is Teo’s favourite dining spot. They give him fresh water in a bowl He has a favourite rock he sits on, over to the side. 

Needless to say…they all enjoyed the story; I was still trying to get him to come down the steps. Finally and reluctantly, after a lengthy explanation and acknowledgement of the opening date, he came down the steps. 

Oh, and did I mention…he enjoys the Calamari?

Ferelith, Rainer and the Teo,