Bruce Peninsula Press Welcomes Reporter Zoë Mason

By Marianne Wood

The Bruce Peninsula Press welcomes Reporter Zoë Mason to the “Press” team. 

Born and raised in Brampton, Ontario, Mason is a fifth generation seasonal resident in Dyers Bay, and has enjoyed the summer and holidays at the family cottage her entire life. Zoë’s grandmother, mother, and both of her mother’s siblings own cottages in the area.

“I just love the Bruce – there are few, if any, places I have been that are better in terms of natural beauty and general atmosphere. As I’ve gotten older and brought friends to visit, they are continually enchanted by the area and show me how much I have taken it for granted growing up there. It’s a special spot and I’m so lucky to be able to return and work here year after year” said Mason.

Zoë is currently enrolled in a Joint Honours Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and History at the University of Ottawa and for the past two years, has worked at the campus publication The Fulcrum (this past year as features editor), which last year won the Canadian University Press’ award for Student Publication of the Year.

Mason is a big Leafs fan and wrote as a contributor to a Leafs blog for over a year. 

In her spare time she enjoys painting, sketching and encaustic wax work, and has recently picked up embroidery. As an amateur poet, she loves reading at, and attending, open mics. She loves to travel and spent last summer volunteering in Recife, Brazil.

Welcome Zoë!