Life Around Tobermory United… From The Desk Of The Lazy Theologian Offering Kindness and Compassion

Submitted by Brad Inglis

…. are we there yet? Are we at the end of this roller coaster ride? Have we hit the long weekend? When is the Chi Cheemaun arriving? Where are the tourists going to stay? When can we get back to work? Gosh we have lots swirling around in our heads right now and we get wringing our hands and wondering what to do next. But it’s just like that old saying, “hurry up and wait”. This will be about the time when our patience is ready to run out. Fear and anxiety can be felt hovering over us like unwanted friends. 

But more than ever, this is the time we just need to hold on a little longer. We have made it this far and remained virus free. But only because of everyone’s vigilance. The proof is there in front of us. By taking all of the precautions, we have remained healthy. Our front-line workers have remained healthy and together we are learning new ways of living. 

Written on a sign in front of a church in Saskatchewan, it says, “we are praying, but we are also listening to the scientists”. Getting through this time in history, means digging deep and utilizing all of our emotional, physical and studied/proven resources. It means being patient, sensitive to how each of us react to this uncertainty and offering kindness and compassion at every corner of this journey. 

We have some new grandma’s in the community who I know are itching to get their hands on these new babies. There are other grandparents who are in withdrawal from not seeing the grandkids they do have. 

For some, money is going to be tight. Business owners are working on plans to try and salvage the season. For others, scheduled surgery has had to be put on hold. Everyone is feeling the stress in one way or another. 

I sound like a broken record, but once again I encourage you to keep revisiting your gratitude list. It could just be a check list in your head, scribbled on the fridge door, taped to the mirror in your bathroom – but keep going back to it again and again, so you stay in touch with all of the positives and blessings in your life. These are what will keep us grounded in this time of uncertainty.

The local Food Banks (Tobermory and Lion’s Head) remain open and ready to serve. No one needs to go hungry or have that fear hanging over their heads that they might run short. The Community Outreach Fund is available for those who have unexpected expenses come up that they need help with. You can contact myself, Pastor Mike from Light and Life Chapel (519) 377-8780, or Jennifer Cuffe at the Meeting Place (519) 596-2313. We are more than willing to help work through any difficulty you have and help organize a plan. No one needs to feel they are alone at a time like this. 

If you are feeling anxious and going down a path that is making you uncomfortable, please contact the Peninsula Family Health Team to talk to your doctor and get connected with the social worker. All of us will have our own specific needs that we need to pay attention to in order to remain emotionally and physically healthy – so please reach out. 

Each of the local churches are holding our own live worship services online. Don’t be afraid to check us out. We have no way of tracking who you are. It’s the perfect kind of church, you can go anonymously, fast forward through the sermon and still stay in your pyjamas! And who knows, in the midst of all of this, it might give you a little bit of comfort and an opportunity to take a deep breath and hand over some of your worry. 

Brad Inglis is the minister at Tobermory United Church. He can be reached at

519-596-2821 (Home)