Letter: Escarpment Biosphere Reserve Remaining Open is Irresponsible


After watching the news it is both inspirational, emotional, tragic and scary.

We are all proud of our frontline workers putting their best interests aside to fight to keep our community and country functioning, and providing necessary services to which we all depend and survive on. These doctors/nurses/PSWs/support staff, grocery/retail store employees, bank employees, firefighters, police officers, correctional workers whom we are all proud and thankful for. 

It was wise when Miguel Pelletier Bruce County’s Director of Transportation and Environmental Services closed the Bruce Trail System and encouraged physical distancing and to stay at home to flatten the curve. This helps protect the residents in this area and hopefully will curb exposure to those infected with COVID-19 who may not even know they are infected. It protects our most vulnerable; the elderly or those with underlying health conditions.

I was surprised then to read a facebook post on The Escarpment Biosphere Conservancy’s facebook page saying their reserves are open. This is not responsible in my opinion. There are approximately 15 reserves in our area and many more across Ontario. Such as the Stead, Cape Hurd Reserves, Sadler Creek Reserve of approx. 1092 acres, Jackson Cove, Davison Reserves etc. 

Unfortunately you can’t trust all people to be responsible and therefore there is risk. There are no bathroom facilities, hand sanitizer on these reserves to my knowledge. Nor are they maintained and policed. So, with probably 1,200 followers on facebook, multiply that and well that’s the potential for a lot of visitors to these areas. This could also lead them to end up on other people’s property and deplete our resources like grocery stores and strain our health care system if these visitors are infected with COVID-19 and don’t know it and pass it on unknowingly. 

I think we all need to use some common sense these days. We could potentially affect generations of families in this area, and those who are vulnerable, not to mention all those from abroad who call this home now where they have their principal residences.

Like someone described on the news, If you have a boat full of holes and you only block a few holes your still likely to sink. Good analogy.

So let’s block the holes and live to see another day.


Carol Porter, Georgian Bluffs