Rotarians Douglas Greig, David Hosken, and Paul Cinanni present a cheque for $600.00 to Darlene Myles of the Lion’s Head & District Food Bank. Rotary is proud to be one of the founders of this Food Bank years ago.
Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

The Rotary Club made three donations to local food banks recently. They included the Lion’s Head Food Bank, the Tobermory Food Bank and the Salvation Army in Wiarton.

Rotarian Douglas Greig, assisted by Rotarians Paul Cinanni and David Hosken presented the cheque to Darlene Myles for the Lion’s Head Food Bank. Rotarian Douglas also presented a cheque to Ida Wylie of the Wiarton Salvation Army for their Food Bank and Rotarian Cathryn Buckley presented a cheque to Jennifer Dewey of the Tobermory Food Bank.

Rotary is proud of its involvement with the local food banks over the years and thanks those involved for the tremendous work that they do. Rotary was one of the founders of the Lion’s Head Food Bank years ago and has continued to support it each year since its inception.


Those of us who remember fondly the great times every summer over the last several years when we have spent Friday nights at Lion’s Head Beach enjoying the music of local and professional artists at what we call HARBOURSIDE. What a great time! 

Well it’s too cold to sit at the beach but the community has started HARBOURSIDE INSIDE.

Beginning Friday January 10th at the Rotary Hall and continuing once every month until June 12 you can come and enjoy that same kind of great local entertainment. 

The first is called ‘British Invasion’ and I would be expecting a few Beetles songs to enjoy but who knows what else. It will all be fun and you will have seats to sit on and warmth inside plus the companionship of your friends and neighbours. Rotary will provide a cash bar and you will have a wonderful time.

In the months to come the titles are: February 14th – Love Songs, March 13th – Folk and Trad fun, April 17th – Classic Country, May 15th – Canadiana, and June 12th – All Originals.

The Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula presented a cheque for $300.00 to the Tobermory Food Bank. Jennifer Dewey receives the cheque from Rotarian Cathryn Buckley.


Rotarians gave of their time to look after the Salvation Army Donation Kettles this Christmas. It is always something we have tried to do and we enjoy. Rotarians Rob Hiscott, Paul Cinanni and Captain Gerry Greig were all helping to collect funds to help this wonderful organization. Rotary prides itself on its ability to serve community needs and was a proud supporter in this campaign once again.


Rotarians worked hard recently at the Curling Bonspiel at the Lion’s Head Arena running the bar for the group there. One of the services we can provide due to our licence, insurance, and Smart Serve certified members is bar service in the area. This has been of tremendous help in countless situations. We are trained, licensed and fully insured to run such events. It is a real service to the community that we can provide and it gives a way for our club to raise funds to further serve the community. Recently Rotarians John White, David Mansfield, David Hosken, Rob Hiscott, Anne James, and Rob Spearing tended bar and made everything so easy for all involved. 

Rotarians John White, David Hosken, Anne James, Rob Spearing, Rob Hiscott, and Dave Mansfield looked after the bar at the recent Curling Bonspiel at the Lion’s Head Arena


Earlier this fall the Rotary did a major cleaning of the upstairs and the kitchen area of the Rotary Hall. As winter approached, we decided to clean up the club area in the basement and we are proud of the results. It takes many ‘man/woman’ hours to keep the Hall clean and tidy but we are pleased to serve in this capacity. Over the years, Rotary has spent hundreds and hundreds of hours looking after the Rotary Hall. It would not be part of this community now without the involvement of Rotarians over the last 50 years. We are honoured to be part of the heritage of this wonderful building.

Rotarian Douglas Greig presents a cheque for $300.00 to Ida Wylie for the Salvation Army’s food pantry.


We encourage anyone interested in becoming a member of our club to speak to any member about how the procedure works. We are always looking for people interested in serving their community and meeting new friends. We work hard to help our community and our world and we have a lot of fun doing it.

Rotary has had a major impact on our community. It has built a parkette, a beach side shelter and washrooms, several playgrounds in the area, worked to maintain and preserve the Rotary Hall, hosted countless Santa Claus Parades, donated many thousands of dollars to the local school for awards and scholarships to graduating students and medals/ribbons for annual sports competitions, to our local hospital where we have donated thousands and thousands of dollars over the years, helped our day care, our seniors, and promoted and helped our community in countless ways.

Rotary is proud of all of these projects and particularly proud of the fact that we have served the students of Bruce Peninsula School for so many years. We give up to $4,500.00 in scholarship money each year.

Rotary also serves the world as it strives to eliminate Polio, build wells in places where water is a problem, and serve in hundreds of areas across our globe.

If you want to be part of this and are prepared to work hard, please contact a member. We would be pleased to have you on our team.