Volunteers Needed for Cabot Head Lighthouse Work Party November 30th

Submitted by Ron Wheeler

t’s been a long while since we have updated our friends and followers. That has been primarily because we haven’t had anything to report. We are working hard to put together a plan to reopen, in some form, for 2020 and it looks very positive that that will occur.

We are happy to say that the work being done on the site appears to be finished. There are a few minor things for the government to wrap up with their contractors but we have been given the clearance to return to the property.

Work Party November 30 

We need help on the 30th of November. We need people to do a variety of tasks to winterize the lighthouse, inventory some items we own and move some boxes and furniture.  It is very important to us to get this accomplished so we can move forward with our plans for next year.   

Due to our closure the last few years our volunteer base has shrunk and it is imperative that those of you who love and cherish the Cabot Head property as much as we do step up and help.

Please RSVP if you are able to come to the site on November 30, so we can plan our day. Email [email protected] or  send a message on our facebook page or our website www.cabothead.ca