Rotary Club Of Northern Bruce Peninsula Santa Claus Parade Update

Submitted by Jim Dilamarter

Santa’s Helpers are Busy

Santa has all the Rotarians busy with jobs in preparation for his upcoming parade on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7, 2019. The parade starts at 1:00 p.m. sharp and there are lots of jobs to do before then.

One group of Rotarians is working on getting Santa’s sleigh prepared for the parade while another will be bagging the candy and goodies he has ordered for the children.

Judges have been appointed. We are happy to have Ruth Smith, Doris Longe, and Rosemary Lamond as our judges this year. They will have a busy afternoon trying to pick the top three entrants in this year’s parade.

Rod Barr, from Lion’s Head, has been appointed Parade Marshall. He has experience with marshalling parades before and we are so pleased he volunteered to help Santa this year.

Letters have been sent to sponsors at Santa’s request and we are so pleased with the response. The donations help offset the cost of this event and we are grateful to the many individuals and businesses that step forward every year to help.

Parade Rules and Information

1. No impostor Santas please. Santa is adamant that no one dress up and pretend to be him. He is coming a long way and looks forward to seeing all the people along the route and at the Rotary Hall.

2. Register at the Bruce Peninsula District School early. The Parade Marshall and the judges will be at the high school to help you fill out your registration form, get your number, and get you in line to start promptly. BE AT THE SCHOOL IN LION’S HEAD BY 12:15 PLEASE.

3. Judges will station themselves in strategic positions to see the participants. There is no theme except Christmas, of course. They will choose a first, second and third participant as winners. The winners get the right to brag until next parade. Winners will be announced at the Rotary Hall after the parade and we shall try to have their entrant information in the next Peninsula Press in late December.

4. All the children are invited to meet Santa at the Rotary Hall after the parade. He will have treats for all the kids and looks forward to seeing everyone. 

5. If Santa has time he will want to visit Golden Dawn before he leaves town. He is a busy man at this time of year but he loves to come to Lion’s Head because it reminds him so much of his North Pole.

Thank you to all who help with this project!

Rotary expresses thanks to so many for making this parade possible including:

-The Township for their support and for looking after closing the street for the parade.

-The judges, Ruth Smith, Doris Longe, and Rosemary Lamond, who add to the fun and take the time on a cold day to enjoy the season.

-The Parade Marshall, Bill Barr, who has the hectic job of getting the parade in line and getting it off on time.

-The sponsors who donate to help offset the costs of the parade.

-The participants who really make the parade each year.

-Every one of you who comes out to wave and cheer and to welcome Santa to town. Please enjoy the fun and cheer of this wonderful time of year.

The Rotary Club of Northern Bruce Peninsula wishes you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


The Rotary Club was pleased to be able to donate $250.00 to the Bruce Peninsula Family Centre recently to help with their kitchen and other projects. 

Rotarians David Hosken and Jim Dilamarter were pleased to visit the Centre recently and present the cheque to Katherine Crivea and six very happy and enthusiastic children.

We are so fortunate to have such great daycare resources in our communities.