Roy Hatt’s Desk from S.S. #1 Schoolhouse in Tobermory.
Submitted by Ruth Bainbridge

In the July edition of the Bruce Peninsula Press, I wrote about five significant objects on display in the St. Edmunds museum. Five more objects include:

Two Street Lanterns:

Originally, there were six, purchased by the Womens’ Institute in 1922 for a total of $67.60 from Bruin Brothers Hardware in Lion’s Head. They were placed around Little Tub Harbour on what is now Bay St. by W.J. Simpson. My mother, Kay Hopkins who grew up in Little Tub, would often fondly recall the lamplighter coming round every evening to fill and light the lanterns. The cans of oil were supplied by G.W. Golden’s store. 

Roy Hatt’s Desk at S.S.#1 Schoolhouse: 

Roy Hatt was the longest serving teacher in Tobermory. He arrived in St. Edmunds Township fresh out of Normal School in 1931 and taught at the Settlement School until 1942 when he transferred to S.S.# 2 Village School. He retired from teaching in 1971. Besides teaching and raising a family with his wife Mildred Dean, he was very active in the community with the Orange Lodge, The United Church, Rotary and Sports. He also farmed and ran a dairy and was Treasurer and the Clerk of the Township.

An 1880 wooden doll cradle contains a c1900 doll made with a china head, arms and legs and a body stuffed with sawdust.

Treadle Sewing Machine:

Powered by a foot pedal, complete with a bonnet, made by The Raymond Manufacturing Company of Guelph, ON. The original owner was Mary Ann (Hopkins) Davis 1855-1922. It was passed on to her daughter who used it for several years and then on to the next generation to Lorine Hooey who donated it to the museum in 2004.

A Treadle Sewing Machine originally owned by Mary Ann (Hopkins) Davis 1855-1922.

Toys From 1880 – 1900: 

A wooden doll cradle made in 1880 and donated to the museum by Mary Cameron as well as a dolls wooden rocking chair of the same era.

A doll c1900 with a china head, arms and legs and a body stuffed with sawdust. The clothing was hand made by a 10 year old girl.

After a busy summer season the museum is now following the fall schedule which is Saturdays and Sundays until Thanksgiving. The hours are from 11 am until 4 pm. Pay us a visit to see the above items up close.

Two Street Lanterns originally purchased in 1922 were placed around Little Tub Harbour on what is now Bay St.

On October 1st, the museum will be updating our yearly strategic plan for the upcoming year. Any suggestions for events, donations of items to help us portray our history, as well as written materials for our Archives area is most welcome. The success of our museum depends on you. Contact: 519 596-2129 or 519 596- 8766.

Wooden Toys From 1960s:

Before plastic, many toys were made from wood including whistles, sling shots, bow and arrows, boat on a string and a balance hook. These toys at the museum were made by Kim Hopkins.

Wooden toys made by Kim Hopkins replicate what toys were like before plastic.