In The Garden: Hints from a Mrs. Gardener Grey Matters

Submitted by Joan Regan

Nope this isn’t a story about gardening for seniors, although that might be coming soon, just a story about another of my morning strolls “In the Garden” in the rain with my umbrella in tow.

Everything is wet, everything is beautiful and I am noticing all the silvers and greys. The Dusty Millers, huge in their containers, the Artemisia and the Silver Mounds making a fantastic come back after their mid-August cut back, and my new old favorite grey, Lambs Ear. 

After the bees were finished with their flowers I cut the Lambs Ears back and they are now a pretty mound of fuzzy grey filling in a quiet corner. Never was a huge fan of these, however picked a couple up at the Tobermory Garden Club plant exchange a couple of years ago and I guess I put them in the right spot (left them potted up for a year) before planting them at the other side of this same garden. The Dusty Millers are really showing off. They are in a huge container with a pretty Gold Medallion Hosta and a yellow Snapdragon, grey and silver don’t usually compliment each other, but wow, they sure are looking good in the September garden. Obviously all have loved the rain from Spring continuing on till now. Next year I think I will add a bit of purple to this combination hmmm.

I have always used Dusty Miller as a filler but thinking next year will be getting quite a few more. One of the black pots had some annuals in and they got water logged so just the Dusty Miller remains, boy it sure looks Kool. Black pot filled with grey is a nice combination.

We never pay much attention to the greys and silvers in the garden, what I call fillers, but this year they sure are making a statement. The Artemisia are beautiful and the Silver mound has made her come back after her hair cut (she got quite scruff looking).

One of the gardens in the yard has a very shady corner and I have a pretty Blue medium size Hosta there with a Japanese Painted Fern (both in pots). Wishing I could add some grey there as well. I might just pot up three pots of DM and keep switching them around, DM does like the sun, so wouldn’t be happy there for too long.

Another Grey that is becoming quite a show off is Brunnera, the Jack Frost from Peninsula Out of Doors and the Sea Hearts from Hosta Full On are making their presence known, they’re beautiful right now. I have a Jack Frost in another shaded corner with a couple of blue Hosta, loving that look. All are in containers BTW.

The Anemone are blooming away making my shaded garden look so pretty with all the blues and pinks, not a lot of hot tones in the shaded garden, but I’m loving the quiet look in the September Bury Road Garden.

Happy Gardening, Happy Fall,

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