Tobermory Meets Roatan September 14 Community Dinner

Submitted by Janette Genereaux

Hola! Light and Life Chapel is excited to be hosting a true community dinner on Saturday September 14 … one where not only those living, cottaging and visiting the area are welcome, but one where you can hear from and speak with a couple from the community of Roatan, Honduras in the Caribbean.
Similar to Tobermory, Roatan is a mecca for divers, and has much natural beauty and attracts many tourists. The Island is roughly the size of the North Bruce Peninsula and is home to about 80,000 residents, many of whom do not have running water or electricity in their 10×10 homes. Bunkies in the bush may sound romantic, but not when the water leaks through the roof, animals run through the open doorway and your entire family sleeps on one mattress on the floor.
Back in 2011, Light and Life hosted a Honduran dinner and guests learned about the urgent need for a new septic system at the Greenfield Children’s Home, part of Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries, a non-profit, non-denominational Christian organization that exists to address the needs of at-risk children. The dinner was very successful, the job was completed by John and Billy Genereaux, and since then, Light and Life has supported that ministry. Two years ago, Pastor Mike Quesnel from Light and Life joined a small group from Grey and Bruce Counties and spent a week at the home, where Orsy and Banessa (native Hondurans) are the house parents to 25 children. Little did we know that Pastor Mike is a math guru, and was going to be a much needed asset in washroom design for the new boys’ dorms. With the help of some of the older boys at the home, the rest of the team worked on putting the actual plumbing in place.
Since 2011, there have been many changes at the home. The number of Island children in need of a safe and loving family environment has grown from 16 to 25 children, and many will spend their childhood there. A Christian bilingual school has been built on site to help the children be better prepared for work in adulthood, especially in the tourist industry. With more children, more dorms have been built. More Honduran staff have been hired to assist with cleaning, cooking, and educating. A tilapia farm is now in place at the home, and the older children assist in running this.
All are welcome to attend this community dinner of fun food – tacos, samosas, salads and more. Orsy and Banessa are in Canada for a very short visit, and will share about the Children’s Home and the ministry. The dinner is free, although donations will be accepted and proceeds will be sent directly to Sandy Bay Lighthouse Ministries. Dinner will be served from 5-7 pm on Saturday, September 14 at the Tobermory Community Centre.