Letter: Tennis/Pickleball in Tobermory


I am one of a number of tennis and pickleball players living in the area and am very appreciative of the resurfacing of the tennis court. The newly refurbished tennis court is a great addition to our village providing an opportunity for residents and visitors to take part in a game that can be played by all ages.
The last edition of the Press included a photo of the new court and a reminder that using it for other sports such as hockey and rollerblading will damage the surface. While I understand this may be unpopular with some, perhaps it can be an opportunity instead to take up a new sport, one that is inexpensive and can be enjoyed for the rest of your life.
The court also has lines painted for pickleball. Pickleball is one of the fastest growing sports in North America and it too can be played by all ages. There are two separate pickleball courts that can be used. We do need nets however. Portable nets can be put in place for games and then removed converting the court back to tennis. I am currently looking for means to obtain nets so we can start playing. Perhaps someone has a portable net?
If anyone is interested in learning how to play either sport or getting involved with a group for regular games, either tennis or pickleball, please contact me.
Rob Davis,