In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs. Gardener – Summer is Here!

Submitted by Joan Regan

Summer is here, however the Summer of 2019 just did not want to arrive. We did get the bonus of rain, lots and lots of rain, and the bush is not dry and it’s ready for all the campfires.
Our gardens are doing great and I even have a couple of perennials that I have not seen in awhile, plus the bonus of one I do not even recognise. She is pink and she is lovely. Hoping she stays around.
SLUGS: slugs, slugs, slugs. With all that rain they came in packs. So out came the orange/citrus peels. Thankfully I had been saving bags full in the freezer, threw some around and within 1/2 hr some already had the slimies munching away on them. HA sucks to be a slug, you’re dead.
CAMPANULA RAPUNCULOIDES: That nasty Purple Bellflower – AKA “the F Weed”. It’s purple, it’s pretty, and it is the most invasive thing I have come across. And with all the rain it is in overdrive. It is in every single garden and it is thumbing its nose at me. I HATE it. I will take a field of Gout Weed to 1 ft. of that pukey purple plant.
A while back there was a visitor to the garden and he commented that he found if he let it grow right to flowering that it put a lot of strength into producing flowers that it did not spread nearly as much. Somehow I forgot about his hint till last year, so last summer I tried it, letting it come to flower and pulling it out just before it seeded out. I did this in one garden but only one side and I am thrilled! There is nowhere near the amount that is in the other side, which is full. So my gardens will be very purple in a couple of weeks, then the slaughter begins. Wondering if this method will work on other obnoxious weeds as well? Gout Weed maybe?
GROUND COVERS: Our bush lot does not have any gardens, although the thought has entered my head several times, but lately my knees tell my brain to give my whole head a good shaking. So the next best thing… Ground Covers. There are so many pretty ones out there and I have tried a few, so the favorites are: Sweet Woodruff and Yellow Archangel; favorites because they both flower and both are easy to control. Sweet Woodruff seems to tolerate a bit more sun, however the Archangel will travel toward it. There are a couple of great natural rock formations over there and I am trying to get these pretties to call them home. Along with some Volunteer Solomon’s Seal and some added Ferns it is slowly coming along. Hmmmm maybe just a couple of small gardens over there…. and I do have a water supply over there and… STOP Woman, Just Stop.
Happy July Gardening
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