Early Risers Get the Bargains at St Edmund’s Yard Sale July 13 One of a Kind Table & Toonie Trailer

Submitted by Jane Greenhouse

Don’t be caught sleeping in on Saturday (July 13) as this is the day of the YARD SALE that everyone in Tobermory anticipates. Yes, St Edmund’s Church’s annual yard sale is this Saturday starting at 8:00 am. The church has been bursting at the seams for weeks with the numerous and generous donations but now, due to the many volunteers, all the items have been checked, sorted and priced and will be on display by 8:00 am on Saturday.
St Edmund’s sale is well known for the “One of a Kind” table, the Silent Auction, the toonie trailer and the great selection of books. The early shoppers know they get the best buys at the “One of a Kind” area. Bargain hunters spend a lot of time checking out the many areas including the numerous books in the Narthex. By 11:55 there is always a lot of action at the Silent Auction, which closes at noon, as bidders try to get a real bargain on their item.
And don’t forget the home-made muffins and coffee for the early risers and, starting at 11:00, the barbeque for lunch. The silent auction and yard sale close at noon.
So, plan on spending Saturday morning at St Edmund’s Church, which is located at the Gap, the end of highway 6! See you there.