A History of St. Edmunds Township in Five Objects

A wicker baby carriage that was used by a local wealthy family in the early 1920s.
Submitted by Ruth Bainbridge

St. Edmunds Bruce Peninsula museum is looking forward to another busy summer of sharing our local history. Come by any day between 11 am and 4 pm to check out our many engaging exhibits showcasing life in the area over the last 150 years including:
• A 150 year old wedding cake: The top layer of wedding cakes were often kept and used to celebrate the christening of a first child or the couple’s twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. This one still has all of its decoration and icing detailing intact.

A 150 year old wedding cake on display at the St. Edmunds Bruce Peninsula Museum.

• Mustache cup: Invented in the 1880s by an English potter to protect the upper lip from tea stains and to prevent the wax used to curl the moustache from melting into the tea.

A Mustache cup.

• Talking stick: Made by carver Wilmer Nadjiwon from Chippewas of Nawash Unceded First Nation. Talking sticks are used by many First Nations during the conduct of meetings. The stick is passed from person to person to allow the individual holding it, their turn to speak.

A Talking stick carved by Wilmer Nadjiwon.

• Victrola: First made in 1906 in Camden, New Jersey, by the Victor Talking Machine Company, this was one of the first record players available and the first with an internal horn. The records were made from shellac and played at 78rpm. Hand cranked it was one of the most popular, selling in large numbers until the end of the 1920s. The two doors at the front of the cabinet were used for volume control – when they were open the sound was loud, when they were closed the sound was quiet.
• Baby carriage: This wicker stroller was used by a local wealthy family in the early 1920s.

A Victrola record player.

Upcoming Events:

We have many exciting events happening over the summer, such as:
-Demonstration by local spinners: July 17
-Demonstration by local wood carvers: July 24
-A display of wedding dresses over the past 100 years: August 9 to 17
-TBD: Candle making workshop, Opening of the History of the Owen Sound Transportation Company exhibit, Launch of our new archives area.
Donations or temporary loans of wedding dresses and archival information greatly appreciated, please contact ruthbainbridge@hotmail.com.