In The Garden: Hints From A Mrs Gardener The Bury Rd Garden Continued….

Submitted by Joan Regan

Our little log cabin was built in 1918 and we were very fortunate to have folks share some of their stories with us.
Way back when, there was no garbage pick up and probably not even a dump. One of the stories relayed to us was a memory of coming with their Dad on a tractor pulling a trailer full of garbage and dumping it down the “Tractor Rd” on the north side of our property. This old road, plus another one a bit to the south of this one, is still visible, although grown in quite a bit.
While cleaning up back there we soon discovered it had been a dump site. Oh my, the pots and pans and broken dishes, as well as the bottles… someone sure liked their Rum. And funny enough, Pepto Bismol bottles as well. All of the old pots, regardless of their condition, got hung up in a tree, and a sign went up “Pot Tree By Pete”. It was the 1990s and we had the only “Pot Tree” north of Toronto. Lots of bottles as well, but sadly we forgot to tip them on their sides and the ones that filled with water/ice broke (luckily some were salvaged).
A really old glider came with the house. It sat on an old wood porch at the side door. Sadly the porch could not be salvaged, but the old glider got a face lift and new cushions and we are enjoying it still sitting on a gravel patio overlooking the garden.
The old garage dating back to the early 60s was doubled in size thanks to a couple of guys named Larry & Lloyd, and Pete had the shop of his dreams. It accommodated all his new toys that helped him build new doors, kitchen cupboards, and keeping with the “old” look, walls were covered with 10” pine. Chairs, tables, and even some wonky looking deer came alive from the trees that were cut down.
As the garden grew so did the need for storage. Pete got to work building large bins to accommodate the truckloads of top soil (and just as much mulch), sheds and shelves for all the tools that go with a garden, even a potting station complete with a large umbrella for the sun…. and yes, I even play in the rain/showers. And of course, a small greenhouse that is keeping all my annuals warm this cold Spring. Come on Ma Nature, bring on the “Warm”.
I need to fuel my soul, to reflect, to remember, to listen to the silence, to have my stroll coffee in hand “In The Garden.
Happy “Cold Spring” Gardening 519 596 2389