Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary Hosts 1950s Ice Cream Social

L-R: Donna Dowding and Pat Witherspoon choose their flavour from ice cream scoopers Carol Barr and Laureen Barrow. The Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary 1950s Pie & Ice Cream Social Fundraiser was held on Saturday May 4th. Guests were treated to a dozen assorted pies, courtesy of Auxiliary members, and homemade ice cream, courtesy of Big Bay General Store.
Submitted by Pam Hall

Ice Cream! Nothing says Spring like your first giant scoop of a favourite ice cream on a warm day. Saturday May 4th dawned the perfect Spring Day for just that scoop and a piece of flaky pie.
Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary opened the doors of the Lion’s Head United Church to a crowd of dessert lovers. The serving tables groaned under the weight of over a dozen assorted kinds of pies, all lovingly made by Auxiliary members. The pies were served with your choice of two kinds of homemade ice cream (vanilla or ginger cinnamon) from Big Bay General Store. Delish!
1950s music played while patrons enjoyed the ambience of an ice cream parlour from that time. A unique turquoise striped chandelier hung overhead surrounded by 14 giant ice cream cones. The pink and white striped walls with turquoise awning sported cut-out memorabilia from the same era.
Suddenly a voice was heard, joined by another and another until a choir was assembled at the front of the room. This surprise “flash mob” by Ladies of Note enchanted all. Their rock-and-roll repertoire was the “icing on the cake” or maybe that should be the “ice cream on the pie”? Many thanks, Ladies!
And that was not all! The sound of happy pie lovers purchasing their favourite pie could be heard throughout the hall. Samplers, whole and slices, were taken home for later consumption – a reminder of a special day!
Lion’s Head Hospital Auxiliary would like to thank this wonderful community for their continued support. Hope to see everyone at the Plant Sale, Saturday June 8 and of course, the Biggest Yard Sale around on Saturday, July 6th and Sunday, July 7th.