Letter: Council Should Reconsider Hwy 6 ATV Use


As I read the article in the May 8 2019 Sun Times entitled “NBP supports extending ATV use along Highway 6 from Dyers Bay Road to Tobermory.
I cannot believe NBP Council would even consider such a move let alone supporting the idea of allowing ATV’s to travel the gravel HWY 6 shoulder. The well documented speeding, racing / stunt driving problems and senseless deaths the summer tourists have created year after year on HWY 6 would make you think for safety NBP Council would have second thoughts on this idea, not promoting it. Everyone that travels HWY 6 in the summer knows that HWY 6 is an accident looking for a place to happen daily.
As of November 16. 2018 CTV news reported OPP statistics showing 130 stunt driving charges were laid in 2018 surpassing 2017 total of 43 charges. That is over a 300% increase the OPP call alarming. Although there were luckily no deaths in 2018 police have said that drivers’ behaviors needs to change.
By Council supporting a 1 year pilot project of allowing the use of ATV’s on HWY 6 from Dyers Bay Road to Tobermory, Council, in my mind, is creating an unsafe situation that is a ticking time bomb for tens of thousands of motorists.
I am not against people enjoying riding their ATV’S that are designed for off road use, but on the gravel shoulder of busy HWY 6 is a decision that could create a real safety issue.
Maybe that is why ATV’s were banned from provincial highways under the Highway Traffic Act to start with.
Hopefully Council will revisit this pilot project and look at it from the safety aspect not to mention the environmental and enforcement problems it will create.
Tom Briggs,
Georgian Bluffs