Municipality Of Northern Bruce Peninsula Council Meeting Minutes January 21, 2019


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Milt McIver, Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles, Councillor Laurie (Smokey) Golden, Councillor James Mielhausen, Councillor Megan Myles 

STAFF PRESENT: Mary Lynn Standen, Clerk, Tessa Townson, Administrative Assistant, Bill Jones, Chief Administrative Officer, Wendy Elliott, Chief Building Official, Teresa Shearer, Treasurer, Troy Cameron, Public Works Manager 

OTHERS PRESENT: John Levesque and Joanne Brouwer-Shouldice, Barrow Bay Property Owners Association (BBPOA), Dan Cassel-The Lions Tail, Katie Hemstock-WSP, Catrina Dodge-Bruce Peninsula Tourist Association


Mayor McIver called the meeting to order at 1:18 p.m. and Council members were reminded to disclose any pecuniary interest that may arise during the course of the meeting. 


Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #02-01-2019 Seconded by M. Myles

THAT the content of the agenda be approved, as presented. Carried


Re: Council Meeting No. 19-01, January 14, 2019

Councillor Golden requested that a correction be made on page 10 of the minutes in regards to the Parks Canada student pay range. She noted that it was Mr. Jones who provided those figures. 

Mayor McIver asked that the minutes be amended on Page 12, specifically Item 12, where it states that staff attendance is not required at Special Council Meetings. It was noted that it is understood that this referred to “periphery” staff members. The Clerk advised that the Municipal Act requires the attendance of the Clerk at all such meetings. 

Moved by L. Golden Resolution #02-02-2019 Seconded by D. Myles 

THAT the minutes of Council Meeting No. 19-01, January 14, 2019 be approved, as amended. Carried


Notice of Complete Application and Public Meeting 

RE: Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment 

Owners: Barry and Dawn Hepburn 

Applicant: Bev Nicolson 

Concession 4 EBR Pt Lot 40 RP 3R3226 Part 3 Eastnor 

410962000605505 87 Caudle Sideroad

Mayor McIver advised that Council was moving into a public meeting and stated the owners of the subject property are Barry and Dawn Hepburn and the applicant is Bev Nicolson. 

Bruce County Planner, Amanda Herbert, informed the public to sign the public registry if they wish to maintain their appeal rights in regards to the application. Ms. Herbert outlined the development proposal. She stated that the proposal is to permit the establishment of a contractors yard-contracting business subject to specific setbacks from each property line, permit the construction of a 233 square metre storage building for contracting equipment and building materials, outdoor storage of equipment and a planting area for outdoor storage. Ms. Herbert noted that the property is situated locally at 87 Caudle Sideroad. 

Ms. Herbert then summarized her planning report. She began by displaying the site plan of the property and addressing the development’s consistency with the Provincial Policy Statement (PPS). She explained that the development proposal would be categorized as “other uses” in the PPS. Ms. Herbert stated that the proposed land use is compatible with surrounding rural land uses and the rural location is appropriate as the contractors yard would not be best suited in a settlement area. 

In regards to the County Official Plan review, Ms. Herbert advised that the proposed use conforms with the County Official Plan and, in addition, the use of site plan control on the property will allow the Municipality to ensure the use is properly introduced into the area. 

Ms. Herbert addressed the Zoning By-law review. She stated that the lands are zoned RU1 (General Rural) and EH (Environmental Hazard). Ms. Herbert said that the use of a contractors yard is not permitted in the RU1 zone; however, it may be permitted if acknowledged as a added permitted use as well as recognizing the side yard deficiency (10 m to 5 m). 

The following agency comments were presented by Ms. Herbert: The Municipality requested that a Site Plan Control requirement be included in the by-law, the Grey Sauble Conservation Authority generally had no objections other than the by-law amendment including the revised EH zone and the Historic Saugeen Metis and Saugeen Ojibway Nation had no comments. There were no public comments (one was received and later withdrawn after speaking with planning staff). 

Ms. Herbert proceeded to read the following recommendation aloud: THAT Zoning By-law Amendment Z-72.18.62 for the properties legally described as Concession 4, EBR Pt Lot 40, RP 3R3226, Part 3, (Eastnor) be approved and the necessary by-law be forwarded to Council for adoption. 

Mayor McIver then welcomed questions/comments from the public. 

Agent, Bev Nicolson, indicated that this is a vacant bush lot and will remain mostly bush after development has occurred. She said that the owners wish to construct a dwelling in the future. Ms. Nicolson explained that Mr. Hepburn has outgrown his business location in Lion’s Head and requires more storage space for equipment. She noted that there will be employment opportunities and natural features will be protected. She requested that Council pass the by-law at their earliest opportunity. 

Mayor McIver thanked Ms. Herbert and Nicolson for their contributions to the public meeting. 

Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #02-03-2019 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT Zoning By-law Amendment Z-72-18.62 for the properties described as Concession 4 EBR Pt Lot 40 R 3R3226 PART 3 (Eastnor) be approved and the necessary by-law be forwarded to Council for adoption. Carried 


Barrow Bay Property Owners Association Request for Funding for Barrow Bay Channel

Delegation #1- John Levesque and Joanne Brouwer-Shouldice- Barrow Bay Property Owners Association (BBPOA)

RE: Application for funding to dredge and shore-up the banks of the Barrow Bay channel to provide safe access to a Transport Canada deemed “Harbour of Refuge” and to obtain a letter of support for federal funding 

Request to add budget item of $90,000 to match BBPOA current funding

Mr. John Levesque, Vice President of the BBPOA, opened the presentation to Council. He began by displaying a bird’s eye view photo of Barrow Bay. He stated that the objective of the group is to maintain the channel noting that the current condition could be hazardous to boaters if not repaired. 

Mr. Levesque stated that there is potential for 300 members in the BBPOA but currently there are 108. A history of the Barrow Bay break wall was presented by Mr. Levesque– the break wall built in 1950, repairs made in 1997 and a total of $40,000.00 spent on the maintenance of the channel. He informed Council that the break wall has fallen over and is washing stone into the channel. 

Mr. Levesque advised Council that the BBPOA is prepared to put in $30,000.00 for the break wall. He displayed various photographs of the channel showing the poor performance of the existing break wall and accumulating stone deposits. He highlighted the action that the BBPOA has taken to date, such as holding many local fundraising activities, applications for funding and use of local contractors. 

Mr. Levesque revealed the importance of the channel to the Municipality. Benefits included availability to property owners in Barrow Bay and other locations, acting as a harbour of safe refuge, being classed as a navigable waterway, being a part of the Bruce Peninsula Multi-Sport Event and, in general, an investment in the area. 

Ms. Brouwer-Shouldice explained that Little Lake is known for salmon spawning, it is a great cottage and boating community, but she noted that, with winds and water turning quickly at times, boaters seek safety inside the channel and larger boats can be accommodated. 

Councillor Golden questioned if the boat launch is available to the public. Mr. Levesque informed that it privately used and owned by members of the BBPOA. 

Councillor Myles asked how many BBPOA members are boat owners. Ms. Brouwer-Shouldice stated that approximately 60-70% have a motorized boat and almost 100% having “something that floats”. Councillor Myles then questioned the ongoing maintenance costs to continue operation and if there is a long-term plan for the channel. Mr. Levesque said that he hopes a new break wall would last 50 years and would eliminate maintenance and dredging costs in the foreseeable future. 

Mayor McIver advised Mr. Levesque and Ms. Brouwer-Shouldice that Council will address their request during budget deliberations. Ms. Brouwer-Shouldice thanked Council for the letter of support provided by the Municipality to accompany BBPOA’s funding application. Mr. Levesque advised that the project is scalable and can be done in stages. 

Mayor McIver thanked Mr. Levesque and Ms. Brouwer-Shouldice for the presentation.

Delegation #2- Dan Cassel- The Lions Tail 

2019 Charity Ride

RE: Request for Council to consider advertising with the Lions Tail and help with the June 22, 2019 charity ride

Mr. Dan Cassel was welcomed to the Council meeting. Mr. Cassel expressed his idea to create a destination route around the whole Bruce Peninsula based on the many beautiful sights the area has to offer. He said that the trail is 200km in length. Mr. Cassel informed Council that after the June 24, 2018 Facebook page launch, the Lions Tail had one post that has reached over 19,000 viewers. 

Mr. Cassel stated that the Lions Tail promotes local businesses and has a growing list of advertisers and supporters. He mentioned that the Lions Tail will soon be heard on local radio stations with Country 93 planning to attend their upcoming June 2019 event. Mr. Cassel indicated that the group promotes riding safe and sober. 

Mr. Cassel then discussed the upcoming June 2019 event, where a portion of the proceeds will be given to Breakfast Club programs at all Bruce Peninsula schools. To date, based on Facebook response, Mr. Cassel stated that 52 people are attending the event, 735 are interested and 2,400 people have been reached. He is expecting those numbers to double or triple before the event. 

Mr. Cassel requested that Council advertise with the Lions Tail and assist in the June 2019 event with directing traffic flow and finding accommodations. 

Councillor Golden asked how many people travel in the group. Mr. Cassel advised that upwards of 200 riders will travel together; however, he is still speaking with the OPP to discuss the ride. Mr. Cassel said that the Lions Tail is a tourism group promoting the route, similar to a group promoting the Cabot Trail, for example. 

Mayor McIver informed Mr. Cassel that Council will consider his request during budget deliberations. Councillor Myles questioned Mr. Cassel’s eligibility for a Community Grant from the Municipality based on his plan to give the proceeds to the Breakfast Clubs. It was noted that the Lions Tail would not be eligible for funding according to the Community Funding Grant criteria. Mr. Cassel explained that the grant from the Municipality would be used to pay for expenses that he normally incurs himself and the proceeds that he raises from the June 2019 event will be donated to the Breakfast Clubs. 

Mayor McIver thanked Mr. Cassel for his presentation. 

Delegation #3- WSP for the MNBP Public Works Department 

MNBP Structure Inspection, 

update on Heron Point Road Bridge, presentation of Structure Assessment and Strategic Planning Report

RE: Summary of the 2018 Municipal Structure Inspection 

Summary and update regarding the Heron Point Road Bridge 

Presentation of Structure Assessment and Strategic Planning Report

Ms. Katie Hemstock was welcomed to the Council meeting and began her presentation on the 2018 municipal structure summary to Council. 

Ms. Hemstock provided a brief summary of her report and its findings. Ms. Hemstock stated that the goal is to prioritize structures based on their needs. She mentioned that each structure is given a rating based on a variety of variables, such as current assessed value and historical significance. She said that a highly rated structure may have greater importance or be in better condition. 

Ms. Hemstock began her presentation. Her structure findings were presented as follows: 

Structure 1- Concession 4 Bridge- This bridge has a stable foundation but may need to consider replacement. A new structure would last 80-100 years. Councillor Mielhausen asked Ms. Hemstock about the use of corrugated steel pipe. Ms. Hemstock said that the replacement cost would be about $300,000.00 and last around 50-70 years. Councillor Golden questioned who determines if the structure has historical significance. Ms. Hemstock stated that the Province would conduct a site visit and determine significance. In response to a question about appeals, Ms. Hemstock indicated that she is unsure if there is an appeal process to the decision.

At 2:30 p.m. Delegation #4 commenced and Delegation #3 resumed back at 3:01 p.m. 

Structure 2- Sideroad 10 Bridge- The current condition is poor and there is a fairly urgent timeframe for rehabilitation on the structure; however, rehabilitation is not the most economic choice based on the poor condition of the current foundation. 

Structure 3- Cherry Hill Road Bridge- This is a narrow structure with low use. Rehabilitation would last approximately 21 years at the same width and service.

Structure 4- Ira Lake Road Bridge- This structure is in need of urgent repair and it is not worthwhile to consider rehabilitation. There was a tender prepared in 2014 but costs were received higher than anticipated and the work did not proceed at that time.

Structure 5- Copper Kettle Bridge- This structure requires guiderails and some repairs, it is no longer to code and the wooden fence is not safe for walkers or cyclists. A full repair is recommended. 

Structure 6- Heron Point Road Bridge- This structure is in poor condition and there has been a failure of one of the wing walls. In October 2017, the bridge had an emergency repair that should hold for a number of years. A design had been prepared for this structure.

Structure 7- Lindsay Road 5 Culvert- This structure is in good condition but there is no barrier protection and guiderails are required by code.

Structure 8- Isthmus Bay Road Bridge- The bridge is in good shape but requires barrier protection as there is a quite a lot of pedestrian and cyclist traffic. Also, a few other minor repairs are required. 

Structure 9- Cape Chin Culvert- This structure is in good condition, the cable guiderail needs to be tightened. 

Structure 10- Lindsay Road 5 Culvert- Requires barrier protection and is in fair condition.

Structure 11- Myles Bay Shore Road Bridge- This structure is in somewhat urgent need of repair and should be monitored for erosion. 

Structure 12- Stokes Bay Road Culvert- Recommended to monitor this structure for corrosion. Has about another 20 years of lifespan. 

Structure 13- Bury Road Culvert- Requires barrier protection and is in fair condition.

Structure 14- East Road Culvert- This structure is in good to fair condition.

Structure 15- This structure is in good condition. 

Structure 16- This structure requires barrier protection and hazard signs.

Structure 17- Concession 4 Culvert (N)- This structure is in good condition.

Structure 18- Sideroad 10 Culvert- This structure is more urgent and has some erosion. 

Structure 19- Pike Bay Road Culvert- This structure is sufficient in length and in good condition. 

Councillor Myles asked Ms. Hemstock to what extent do they factor in climate change or significant weather events. Ms. Hemstock said that this would be factored into the sizing. She did note that it is best to replace “like with like” in order to limit any effects to the stream. 

Ms. Hemstock then began the second part of her presentation regarding the Heron Point Road Bridge update. She listed the tasks that have been completed to date regarding this project. Ms. Hemstock noted that there is a short window based on the campground that operates on the other side of the bridge. She informed Council that a 2016 inspection of the structure indicated that the structure has reached the end of its lifecycle; however, the project has been on hold pending Council’s direction on how to proceed.

Alternative 1- Ms. Hemstock then presented the alternatives. The first alternative involved replacement of the structure and creating a temporary emergency access road. The costs associated with this alternative are estimated at $570,000.00 if work is done by municipality and contracted services or $610,000.00 if work on the road is done solely by a contractor. 

Alternative 2- The second alternative Ms. Hemstock described was the replacement of the structure and the construction of a temporary bailey bridge. She noted that this option would require additional investigation and would cost approximately $790,000.00. 

Alternative 3- The closure of the structure and construction of a new permanent road was the third alternative Ms. Hemstock presented. She displayed a map that showed the two options for the location of the new road, dependent on the acquisition of property. The costs associated are approximately $760,000.00 with an additional $75,000.00 if the structure remains open to pedestrians. 

Alternative 4- The final alternative was the replacement of the structure and the temporary relocation of permanent residents. Ms. Hemstock stated that this alternative has the lowest estimated cost of $550,000.00; however, no emergency access would be available during construction. 

Councillor Myles questioned why the previous term of Council did not decide to proceed with Alternative 3, closing the structure and constructing a new permanent road. Mr. Cameron stated that it may have been because of the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment that is required for the new road. Ms. Hemstock said that a piece of property would need to be acquired plus a successful Environmental Assessment and positive public consultation. 

Councillor Myles requested the date of the meeting where the Heron Point Bridge project was previously discussed. 

Ms. Hemstock mentioned that Alternative 4, replacing the structure and temporarily relocating residents may be the cheapest option, but it may pose liability issues. 

Mr. Cameron explained to Mayor McIver that the presentation was intended to bring the new Council up to speed on the Heron Point Bridge project. He said that if Council would like more information on an alternative in which they are interested he could provide that, if requested. Deputy Mayor Myles requested information regarding total costs, including environmental assessments, etc. Mr. Cameron advised that three year-round residents would need to be relocated for about six weeks in regards to Alternative 4. 

Delegation #4- Catrina Dodge- Bruce Peninsula Tourist Association (BPTA)

Request for Support

RE: History of BPTA running Info Centre in Ferndale

Availability and Activities prior to heading north to Tobermory

Request for support

Ms. Catrina Dodge informed Council that the BPTA has discussed disbanding the group which would affect the operation of the Ferndale Park & Information Centre (FPIC). She said that if they do not disband, they could be applying for summer student grants before January 25, 2019 and the approval of the grants would decrease operating costs. 

Ms. Dodge requested more and better signage for the FPIC, possibly an LED sign where the message can be changed as needed. She suggested two such signs being situated south of Ferndale. She mentioned that, in 2018, the BPTA received a student grant but were unable to fill the position due to a lack of applicants. Ms. Dodge also requested use of the meeting room at the FPIC. She would use the room for interpretive displays and possibly, set up a computer terminal that could be used by the public to book grotto reservations. Ms. Dodge mentioned that the Municipality’s audio-video equipment is still sitting on the floor in the meeting room. 

Ms. Dodge said that the BPTA is receiving less and less support. She stated that Mr. Jeff Corner spoke with the Tobermory & District Chamber of Commerce and the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association (BPBA) about taking over. She noted that the BPBA may be interested in sharing office space. 

Ms. Bev Miller, Treasurer for the BPTA, stated that operating costs for the 2019 season would be around $35,000.00.

Councillor Golden expressed that the FPIC could be better utilized and when she visited in the last summer, she was very impressed with the staff and the facility. She said it would be a big loss if the service could no longer be provided. Councillor Golden stated that it would be a good idea for the BPTA to continue running the FPIC this year until another group can take over operations. She also noted that the current signage is not effective.

Councillor Myles stated that people need information, however many now receive information from their mobile devices and that may contribute to decline in the number of visitors to the FPIC. She also said that the location is difficult as it is not walkable for many. Councillor Myles asked if the Tobermory Chamber would be interested in assisting as they may add a benefit. 

Mr. Jones noted that the $35,000.00 can be established in the 2019 Budget which Council will begin deliberations on next month. 

Mayor McIver informed Ms. Dodge that Council wishes the BPTA to continue operating the FPIC for the 2019 season while other options are being explored.


1. Public Works Department Report No. PW 19-03 

RE: 2018 Structure Assessment and Strategic Planning Report

Mr. Cameron noted that Sideroad 10 Bridge and Spring Creek Bridge prevent firetrucks or loaded dump trucks from crossing. He also informed Council that speed signage has been placed on bridges which are in need of repair. 

Mr. Cameron stated that he anticipates the Bridge Condition Index figures will be reported for about four structures annually.

Moved by M. Myles Resolution #02-04-2019 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT Council receives and discusses Public Works Department Report PW 19-03 as it relates to the 2018 Structure Assessment and Strategic Planning Report as prepared by WSP Canada Inc.;

AND THAT Council supports the passage of By-law 2019-09, being a by-law to restrict the weight of vehicles passing over Municipal bridges, at its regular meeting of Monday, February 11, 2019. 


2. Public Works Department Report No. PW 19-04 

RE: County of Bruce – 2017 Status of Waste Management Report

Mr. Cameron indicated that the addition to the Eastnor Landfill Site will add about 50-100 more years of life to the site. He stated that, based on several factors, the Eastnor Site was the one to pursue for the future as possibly even acting as a transfer station for other landfills. 

Mr. Cameron said that transferring shingles and drywall to a London location is costly for trucking based on the weight; however, he said that the Municipality is always trying to divert waste and that funding has been received for entrance upgrades. 

Mayor McIver said that there was no mention of operating hours in the report. Mr. Cameron advised that he will prepare an updated report of hours and also that it is very difficult to track hours or find reliable patterns in regards to landfills.

Moved by D. Myles Resolution #02-05-2019 Seconded by L. Golden 

THAT Council receives Public Works Department Report PW 19-04 as information as it relates to the County of Bruce’s Status 2017 Status of Waste Management Report.


3. Accounts Payable Voucher 

RE: December 2018

Councillor Mielhausen questioned if DZ licencing was provided for the Public Works Department staff and Mr. Jones confirmed that it is. 

Deputy Mayor Myles questioned an item on the voucher which had been redacted for confidentiality reasons. She inquired about the vague description, “2018 December Expenses”. Mrs. Shearer advised that supplies were purchased by an individual for the Tobermory Meeting Place. Mrs. Shearer said that, in the future, she will ensure a description of purchases is added when personal information is being redacted. 

Councillor Mielhausen asked whether this will wrap up the Tobermory Community Centre generator and Mr. Jones confirmed same. 

Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #02-06-2019 Seconded by M. Myles

THAT Council receives approved Accounts Payable Voucher, December 2018, in the amount of $3,509,981.34.



Councillor Golden asked Mrs. Shearer if she had any information regarding the OMPF transfer funding. Mrs. Shearer advised that she is unaware of any amounts at this time. Councillor Golden expressed her concern that no figures are available from the Provincial Government while this Council is about to start budget deliberations. 

Mayor McIver indicated that he instructed the Clerk, Mrs. Standen, to relay a message to Council regarding available Committee agendas and minutes on Bruce County’s website. The Clerk confirmed that this had, in fact, been done and a further email message from Vicki Ly, Economic Development Officer for Bruce County, had been shared with Council. 

Councillor Golden said that she received an email from MPP, Bill Walker, in regards to infrastructure submissions. Mr. Jones stated that no grant programs have been announced and the Municipality has one outstanding grant submission for the Ira Lake Bridge, but programs have been placed on hold with the new Provincial government. 

Mayor McIver indicated that the Municipality has not received much money from the Province in the past four years. 

Closed Sessions

Deputy Mayor Myles brought up discussion regarding closed sessions. She said that it may be more productive for Council to receive closed session packages prior to the Council meeting as it provides more time for reading and comprehension of the information under consideration. 

Mrs. Standen advised that the agenda packages could be made available in hard copy and/or electronically under password protection.

There being no further discussion, Council presented the following resolution: 

Moved by D. Myles Resolution #02-07-2019 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT Council instructs staff to circulate Closed Session agendas in advance to all members of Council.


Deputy Mayor Myles stated that it may be helpful to call another Special Council Meeting before the one scheduled on April 15. She quoted statistics for the meetings held in the month of January in various other municipalities comparing with the two Council meetings held in NBP. Councillor Myles inquired whether the Deputy Mayor had any specific topics that she wishes to address. The Mayor indicated that, if the discussion revolves around bridges, for example, the Public works Manager will address this in detail at budget time. The Deputy Mayor then spoke to the budget meetings and asked if two are sufficient and it was noted that Council approved this budget timetable. Mayor McIver and Mr. Jones said that if Council wants more time after the first budget meeting, they may ask the Mayor to call another Special Council Meeting. The CAO noted that budget meeting scheduling for 2020 can be addressed once this year’s process has concluded. 

Deputy Mayor Myles spoke on meeting procedures and functions in other municipalities. She informed Council that some other municipalities allow a question period for the public during meetings and also that delegation guidelines vary in duration and frequency. 

Deputy Mayor Myles requested that the minutes from January 14, 2019 reflect that the Mayor did not report out of closed session. The Clerk was directed to amend the minutes as the Mayor recalls reporting out. 


1. Bruce County Public Library- Building health and safety issues and deficiencies at the Lions Head and Tobermory branch- request for funding to be set aside to maintain facilities- refer to Parks and Facilities Department

2. Darci Lombard- Road repairs to Miller Lake Road- Request for road repairs to be included in budget- refer to Public Works Department

3. Township of Mattice- Council Resolution- Declaration of Office- noted and filed

4. Jerry and Lynn Wilcox- Heron Point Bridge construction alternatives- noted and filed

5. Steve Newell- Compliments to staff on keeping Tobermory clean and the washroom facilities- noted and filed

6. Heather Goodman- Paradigm Transportation Solutions Limited- Town of Saugeen Shores Transportation Master Plan- Notice of Study Commencement- noted and filed

7. Township of Severn- Maintenance of Municipal Voters’ List- Resolutions from MNBP and Town of Kearney endorsed- noted and filed

Moved by L. Golden Resolution #02-08-2019 Seconded by M. Myles 

THAT the correspondence be received for information, as printed and circulated.



Moved by M. Myles Resolution #02-09-2019 Seconded by L. Golden

THAT the following listed by-law be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted:




Mayor McIver advised that Council was moving into Closed Session pursuant to Section 239(2) of The Municipal Act, 2001, S.O 2001, as amended, for the following reason: d) labour relations or employee negotiations (staffing).


Moved by M. Myles Resolution #02-10-2019 Seconded by J. Mielhausen

THAT Council move into closed meeting at 4:37 p.m. pursuant to Section 239 of The Municipal Act, 2001, as amended, for the following reason: d) labour relations or employee negotiations (staffing).



Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #02-11-2019 Seconded by D. Myles

THAT Council reconvenes from “Closed Session” and resumes the Council meeting at 5:58 p.m.


Mayor McIver advised that the following resolution, as read aloud by the CAO, is being presented for consideration:

Moved by M. Myles Seconded by J. Mielhausen 

THAT Council supports a funding application to the Tourism Development Fund (TDF) for the purposes of hiring a Manager of Community Services on a two (2) year contract basis;

AND THAT a significant portion of the position will be allocated to tourism-related projects and services;

AND THAT the creation of this position is contingent on successfully obtaining significant funding from the other levels of government.

Councillor Golden requested that a Recorded Vote be taken:

The Clerk inquired whether Council felt it necessary to read the resolution again and they indicated that it was not required and the vote was then taken:

Councillor Golden Nay

Councillor Myles Yea

Councillor Mielhausen Yea

Deputy Mayor Myles Nay

Mayor McIver Yea

The Clerk announced that the motion is carried.

Moved by L. Golden Resolution #02-12-2019 Seconded by D. Myles

THAT the meeting adjourns at 6:00 p.m.