Change in Methods of Obtaining a Fire Permit for 2019

Submitted by Cathy Addison

MNBP Deputy Clerk

We are pleased to announce some exciting new methods of obtaining a 2019 Burn Permit from the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. The permit will be available by going online to the municipal website or visiting the municipal office in the near future. 

Officials are reminding residents that the permits are required for burn barrels, fireworks and open-air fires. The permit is free and is valid until December 31. The permit must be renewed each calendar year. 

The Fluent Information Management System (Fluent IMS) is part of the “Who’s Responding” program that Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire & Emergency Services is currently using for responding to 911 calls. The fire permit program would further enhance the overall response performance of the department by making all firefighters aware of all permitted burns, unlike the present system.

Fluent IMS service provides records management on-line and the most impressive feature is the mass immediate notification. Specific features to this program include:

-Mass email, phone, text, communication notifications (Example: If a fire ban is activated, all permit holders will receive a notification that a ban is on until advised otherwise.);

-Fire Permit holder notification when fire hazard risk level changes (Example: Winds have picked up to a dangerous level therefore the rating changes to “High Risk”);

-Mobile phone or tablet tracking of all valid fire permits as well as active fires within our Municipality;

-Members of the public are able to access the on-line portal at their convenience 24/7.

Residents who wish to conduct their business in person will still be able to attend the Municipal Office to obtain a fire permit.

The Municipality also reminds people to check if there’s a burn ban during the summer months through the website at

Open air burning requires a permit. Anyone 18 years and older, who is the owner of a property within the Municipality, or who has been authorized in writing by the owner, may apply for a permit.