Municipality Of Northern Bruce Peninsula December 18, 2018 Special Council Meeting Minutes


MEMBERS PRESENT: Mayor Milt McIver, Deputy Mayor Debbie Myles, Councillor Laurie (Smokey) Golden, Councillor James Mielhausen, Councillor Megan Myles
STAFF PRESENT: Clerk, Mary Lynn Standen, Chief Administrative Officer, Bill Jones
Mayor McIver called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and Council members were reminded to disclose any pecuniary interest that may arise during the course of the meeting.
Moved by L. Golden Resolution #30-01-2018 Seconded by J. Mielhausen
THAT the content of the agenda be approved, as presented.
There are no Minutes to adopt for Special Council Meeting No. 18-30, December 18, 2018.
There is no Public Meeting for Special Council Meeting No. 18-30, December 18, 2018.
There is no Delegation for Special Council Meeting No. 18-30, December 18, 2018.

  1. Council Priorities 2018-2022
    The Chief Administrative Officer, Bill Jones, advised that, on December 3, 2018, Council requested a special meeting to discuss its priorities for the 2018-2022 term of office so he confirmed that he has compiled a PowerPoint presentation that consists of initiatives currently underway or in the planning stages. He stated that following the presentation, a discussion will take place with Council members recommending new initiatives and/or modification and/or removal of those underway. He reminded that the PowerPoint presentation is not set in any particular order of importance or significance. He requested that Council members feel free to interject with questions during his presentation.
    Mr. Jones went to on address:
    Short term accommodations (STA)
    overview of approach to address STA, timelines, staffing, etc.
    noted that there is a private firm that can be contracted to draft a by-law, locate STA sites, send notices to STA, but that comes with a cost
    recommended that the NBP By-law Enforcement Officer be tasked with the project that will gather a list of STA in this Municipality
    discussion ensued regarding controlling STA by way of the Zoning By-law
    licensing and inspections of the identified STA discussed
    seek quotes from the private firm for provision of their services
    set up funds in the 2019 budget for the purpose of the STA project
    Moved by L. Golden Resolution #30-02-2018 Seconded by J. Mielhausen
    THAT the Chief Administrative Officer, Bill Jones, instructs the By-law Enforcement Officer to commence the compilation of the list of short term accommodations (STA) in this Municipality, obtain a quotation on provision of such services from the private company addressed in these minutes and direct the Treasurer to set up an account for STA in the 2019 budget. Carried
    Sustainable tourism management
    – plan implementation considerable discussion ensued with respect to the Municipality’s responsibility as it relates to the NBP Sustainable Tourism Plan (STP)
    -noted that the volunteer group who lead the STP have three (3) requests for Council:

1 – adoption the Plan;

2 – appoint a Municipal Tourism Advisory Committee (TAC), and;

3 – provide direction regarding the hiring of a Tourism Coordinator

Council indicated that it would officially receive the Sustainable Tourism Plan and requested that the CAO contact Mr. Brian McHattie with respect to obtaining a better understanding and clarity about convening TAC to evaluate interest, longevity, commitment in the private sector (including commercial) and partnerships (Parks Canada, RTO7, Bruce County, etc.)
tourism development fund mentioned noting that it is worth exploring this opportunity
Treasurer is looking into the Municipal Accommodation Tax and will bring a report forward to Council
dialogue with accommodators will also take place
establish/define who will be involved as an accommodator (possibly not STA’s at this point)
Moved by M. Myles Resolution #30-03-2018 Seconded by J. Mielhausen
THAT Council hereby receives the Northern Bruce Peninsula Sustainable Tourism Plan. Carried
Zoning By-law and Local Official Plan
noted that Bruce County is updating its Official Plan, established and delivered the GPS plan throughout the County in 2018
Local Official Plan covers only the urban areas of Ferndale, Lion’s Head and Tobermory while the County Official Plan covers the remainder of the Municipality
commence ZB in 2020 once the County’s Official Plan process has concluded
NBP’s zoning must be consistent with the County’s Official Plan
noted that NBP is a commenting agency in the circulation of the County’s Official Plan update process
hoped that County’s notification(s) on planning processes is clear and broadcast to all residents throughout the County
requested that a list of housekeeping matters relating to the current Zoning By-law be compiled. The CAO replied that he will have a discussion with staff on this.
The Clerk mentioned that the establishment of the Economic Development Committee as addressed under Clerk Report C 18-51 dated December 17, 2018 was deferred to this meeting for disposition. The following resolution was then presented:
Moved by D. Myles Resolution #30-04-2018 Seconded by J. Mielhausen
THAT the Economic Development Committee recruitment, selection and appointment process be held in abeyance until further direction to undertake these processes is directed by Council.
Road projects
addressed Barrow Bay/North Shore Road Environmental Assessment (EA) which has been completed but does not have resident consensus
spoke to Isthmus Bay Road EA which is nearing completion
last public meeting for Isthmus Bay Road EA held in August, 2018 and design concepts selected
Roads under construction – additional phases
status of construction on Dyers Bay, Johnsons Harbour and East Roads were reviewed
Roads construction backlog
Council reviewed the road construction backlog noting that the estimated value to complete is $6,000,000.00
inquiry about whether these are prioritized
do we check the number of residences served on said roads (seasonal and permanent)?
Sewer and water planning
preliminary study for Tobermory water system done in 2012
Lion’s Head water in place – consider expansion to Ferndale in future (for commercial purposes)
minimal interest from Isthmus Bay residents for water extension
full servicing costs are significant and should be prioritized
Tobermory Water and Wastewater Feasibility Report 2012
CAO distributed three (3) maps showing possible extensions and related costing for each
noted that there was no appetite in Tobermory for the extension(s) in 2012
suggested that costing be obtained to service the downtown core, Brad Davis Apartments, the Community Centre, fire and ambulance stations
acknowledged that increasing connections will require a different approval process and become a permanent operation rather than seasonal as it is now
water currently services the marina, harbour washrooms and OSTC
Asset Management
all assets to be included now according to Province, not just roads, bridges, sewer, water and storm sewers
OCWA presentation to Council in January, 2019
OCWA now working with GM Blueplan. Noted that GM Blueplan specializes in asset management and is interested in doing a pilot in NBP
further, GM Blueplan provides a non-proprietary database
will allow for corporation-wide inventory and condition ratings which will improve budgetary decision-making processes
MTO parking lot acquisition, Hay Bay Road
intended use of property for parking (150-200 cars), washrooms, bus drop-off location and possibly, a picnic area
the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) should be completed within a few weeks and the archaeological study has been completed and submitted to the Ministry for approval
explanation of involvement with SON on this matter
site maps viewed included presentation
12 Brock Street, Tobermory
1.9 acres of Municipally-owned lands, 150-170 space parking lot and washroom facilities could be considered
property purchased last year
EIS and Archaeological Assessment to be completed in the near future
zoning of property needs to be amended
site map included in presentation
concern has been raised in letters from local citizens about the need for housing rather than another parking lot
noted that there is a committed group of individuals in Tobermory focused on housing
advised that Mayor, CAO and former Councillor met with the housing group this year
commented that the group needs to know that NBP says that there are options for 12 Brock Street
Highway 6 improvements, MTO Study and Safe Communities Initiative
MTO examined all intersections from Cyprus Lake to Front Street and a draft report is with the Ministry
Report recommends improvements, but, Highway 6 in Tobermory will likely end up on the low end of the MTO’s priority list
MTO Report should be presented to Council when available and consider municipal contributions towards improvements and demonstrate to the Provincial Government of this need in order to move the enhancements higher up the priority list
the matter of speed limits in Tobermory was also addressed
noted that the MTO design criteria requires a review of a roundabout alternative prior to recommending traffic lights
Cabot Head Lighthouse
proposed to open in 2019, tenders for the work have closed and the construction schedule is to follow
Friends of Cabot Head (FOCH) is not interested in tourism management but focus on site preservation
suggestion of boat tours to Cabot Head was mentioned but it was noted that the Dyers Bay dock is too exposed
suggestion that a fixed fee be charged for entry at Cabot Head rather than “by donation”
noted that the Dyers Bay Ratepayers Association has requested that Cabot Head Lighthouse not be reopened until a traffic study has been undertaken
noted that NBP leases the Cabot Head property from the Federal Government and subsequently sub-leases it to the FOCH
Request for Proposal for a transportation shuttle was posted by the Municipality and one submission was received
noted that FOCH had asked for a meeting with both the former and the current Council and resultantly, FOCH was asked to appear as a delegation
Rotary Hall renovation
explained proposed floor plan, showed exterior rendering, reviewed process and tender for the hall renovation noting that the project did not proceed
confirmed that adjacent lands to the north have been purchased by the Municipality and the structure has been demolished and the site cleared
suggested that occupancy of the hall be examined after the co-work project concludes, wait for asset management and then prioritize, get comparisons in order to make informed decisions
Rotary Hall is an important historical building in the community
National Parks Community Committee
Committee was formed to look at issues and items set out in the Establishing Agreement
consists of five representatives from various sectors of the community
concurred that the Parks Canada Superintendent be invited to attend Council on a quarterly basis to provide updates/information
Moved by M. Myles Resolution #30-05-2018 Seconded by D. Myles
THAT the National Parks Community Committee not be established at this time.
Highway 6 – ATV use north of Dyers Bay to Tobermory
it was noted that the Federal Park is not to influence activity outside their boundaries
perhaps the topic of ATV’s should be discussed with the Parks Canada Superintendent
Bridges (Ira Lake and Heron Point)
reminded that every two years a municipality is required to inspect all bridges and culverts with a +3 meter span
two priority projects currently on the books: Ira Lake and Heron Point bridges
Province has identified that the Ira Lake bridge has Cultural Heritage Value or Interest (CHVI)
continue to lower the maximum weight allowed on the Ira Lake bridge
Public Works Manager will address these topics at budget time
Heron Point presents a different challenge – access for property owners on Heron Point
need to create a temporary road during bridge reconstruction
engineer recommended that Heron Point be reconstructed not rehabilitated
explained past repairs to the structure
Council took a brief recess at 11:55 a.m.
Council reconvened at 12:34 p.m.
Tobermory Streetscape Plan
location of food store in downtown core has created a bit of a roadblock as does
the boat launch at Little Tub Harbour
requested that interim measures be undertaken in this area to install cross walks
reviewed proposed layouts of downtown core
CAO will speak with Public Works about installation of cross walks
Picnic tables at the harbour are well utilized
Parks and Recreation Master Plan
report completed in 2012 containing 40 recommendations
30 out of 40 recommendations have been implemented or are being worked on
asked if CAO had a master list of all recommendations from all master plans
noted that some recommendations have not been looked at yet such as an minimum annual contribution to reserves as well as the hire of an administrative staff person
noted that some recommendations are not implemented as they may not have been the wish of the Council of the day
commented that lanes and access points are not being opened but they are regularly talked about at Council
statement that priorities must be assessed and opening an access brings risk with it and creates possible parking issues

  1. Discussion
    RE: Council Technology
    It was noted that all except one of the iPads currently being used by Council/Staff are eight (8) years old. Several members are having trouble with the iPad screen fading out to black and while the lack of separate keyboard and usb drive availability are concerns. Staff was instructed to price and obtain new devices (similar to Surface Pro with keyboard and usb drives).
    Individual Council Priorities
    Mayor McIver then requested that each Member of Council express his/her priorities:
    Councillor Myles:
    to attract/retain young families we need affordable housing
    importance of organization excellence (efficiency, performance indicators, evaluation of service, updated assets)
    transportation (pedestrian friendly)
    ensure that a good community engagement process is in place (explore and be more proactive)
    Councillor Mielhausen:
    short term accommodation
    Councillor Golden:
    explore facilities and amenities already in place looking to utilizing more effectively, promote better
    analyze the use of the Ferndale Park and Information Centre (promote as a rest area)
    support quarterly meetings with Parks Canada
    The CAO was instructed to draft a letter to the Ministry of Transportation with respect to better signage/promotion of the rest areas located at Mar and Crane River. Council requested that a draft of that letter be reviewed by them first before mailing.
    Deputy Mayor Myles:
    short term accommodation
    securing more funding/resources
    Mayor McIver raised the question of by-law enforcement. The CAO confirmed that the department had been short staffed most of this year. Discussion ensued with respect to summer and winter hours. Councillor Golden suggested that the by-law hours be set out in the Municipal Newsletters as well as the after-hours number and information. The CAO is to bring this information including the level of service in a report to Council in the new year.
    Council requested that the CAO provide a review of the Municipality’s Strategic Plan at an upcoming Council meeting.
    The Mayor inquired whether any member of the audience wished to address Council. At this time, Messrs. Jack Schenk and Frank Burns spoke.
    There is no Correspondence for Special Council Meeting No. 18-30, December 18, 2018.
    Moved by M. Myles Resolution #30-03-2018 Seconded by L. Golden
    THAT the following listed by-law be given 1st, 2nd and 3rd reading and enacted:
    There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 18-30, December 18, 2018.
    There is no Closed Session for Special Council Meeting No. 18-30, December 18, 2018.
    Moved by J. Mielhausen Resolution #30-04-2018 Seconded by M. Myles
    THAT the meeting adjourns at 2:18 p.m.