Bruce County Releases Tourism Report – Visitors Contribute Almost $300 Million to Local Economy

By Marianne Wood

On January 18th, Bruce County released its Economic Impact of Tourism Report. The report was completed by the Economic Development team at Bruce County who compiled the results from a survey of over 500 visitors to Bruce County as well as 170 local tourism related businesses.
The report’s details are generally positive with findings such as over 90% of the 2.5 million visitors to Bruce County are likely to visit again next year, and that the economic impact of tourism is in the range of 299.1 million.
The business surveys were conducted between June 19 and July 29, 2018 with the largest proportion of businesses surveyed being located in Saugeen Shores (Port Elgin, Southampton) and North Bruce Peninsula (Lion’s Head, Tobermory). 33% of the businesses surveyed were accommodation services which accounts for some of the data findings such as 44% of businesses surveyed reporting that their peak season doesn’t start until July.
The visitor survey results were also overwhelmingly positive.
The online panel results stated that 93% of visitors are satisfied with their trip to Bruce County.
33% of visitors staying overnight reported staying in a Hotel or Motel, while 30% stayed in a private home and 16% camped.
Also noteworthy was that almost half of the visitors surveyed are promoters of Bruce County rating a 9 or 10 on likelihood to recommend the County to family, friends or colleagues.
The onsite visitor survey results revealed that 45% of visitors were age 55+ and 51% had no children in the household. 98% travelled to Bruce County for personal reasons with 17% coming to participate in an Outdoor Sport or Recreational Activity.
94% of onsite visitors surveyed arrived to Bruce County by personal car and 77% stayed overnight, 33% of them staying in a private home, 23% camping.
Moving forward, the Economic Development Team plans to conduct an annual survey to measure the impact of tourism and make the results of this and subsequent surveys available to local stakeholders so that they have a better understanding of who our visitors are.
The complete report can be found by visiting: