Sink Or Swim? Year-Round Pool?


Submitted by THSA Planning Committee

You may be aware of a small “buzz” that’s been going around town over the past year. The Tobermory Health Team has been discussing the idea of building an indoor swimming pool for our health needs.

Numerous studies have illustrated that the benefits of increased exercise outweigh a lot of other interventions, helping to prevent a wide multitude of afflictions, while prolonging a healthy, active life style. The benefits exceed anything supplements, tonics or medical interventions have to offer and the positive side effects include weight loss, greater stamina and reduced risk of heart ailments, stroke, diabetes and falls.

A project of this magnitude requires careful thought, and much support from our community. Before we embark on a feasibility study, we want to hear from you, the stakeholders in our community, as to whether this is a project worth pursuing. So, we have put together a short survey to gauge the desirability of having our own local year-round pool.

Our last big project was the Tobermory Health Care Auxiliary building, which proved that big dreams can be accomplished in a small community such as ours. We have the talent, the desire, and we need to find out if we have your support. We are exploring various options to make the survey available to you, so please take the time to complete the survey when it does come your way. If you have questions or comments, or just want to talk to one of our Team members, please call or email Jace Weir at, 519-596-2057 or Carol Herman at, 519-596-8310.