Bruce Peninsula District School Grade 8 Graduation Ceremony

2023 BPDS Elementary Graduating Class Front row (L-R): Ms Sarah Peacock, Torey Finger, Morgan Kerton-Moir, Eva Lewkowicz, and Ms Melissa Rosenburg. Back rows (L-R): Cassidy Green, Isabella Johnson, Savanna Green, Liam Day, David Thomson, Matti Northcotte, Gage Robbins, Alexis Liverance, Cole Catley, Madisyn Munn, Diana Monk, Eden Weatherhead, Jee-Yu Chan, Lexi Hewton, Acadia Parent, Isis Brooks, Aurora Neuhaus, Ruby Belanger, Nichole Hutchinson, Aria Thomas, Cally Hayes, Lena Hofstrand, Brielle Lawrence, Parker Storey, Avaa Bingling, and Travis Vanderkooy.
By John Francis, Bruce Peninsula Press

Bruce Peninsula District School’s Elementary Graduation Ceremony was held at the school on Tuesday, June 27, 2023. 

The evening began with a group photo at the lighthouse, followed by ceremony, awards and presentations at the school with Grade 8 teachers Melissa Rosenburg and Sarah Peacock acting as emcees (there were two Grade 7/8 split classes). Presentations included awards for excellence in each subject area and for other aspects of citizenship, plus school letters and diplomas.

Trustee Jane Thomson brought greetings from Bluewater District School Board.

Lena Hofstrand won the Art award; Excellence in Dance went to Aurora Neuhaus. Aria Thomas was recognized for Excellence in Drama. Aurora Neuhaus and Eva Lewkowicz shared the English award, and Eden Weatherhead won the French award. The Geography award went to Lexi Hewton, the History award to Eva Lewkowicz. Jee-yu Chan and Travis Vanderkooy shared the Math award. Excellence in Music went to Jee-yu Chan. The Phys Ed Awards went to Travis Vanderkooy and Isis Brooks. The final subject award, Excellence in Science, went to David Thomson. 

The CUPE Award went to Brielle Lawrence then Ali Mielhausen called up Nichole Hutchinson to accept the Elementary Teachers Federation Student Volunteer Award. Brenda Brewer presented the Ontario Principals’ Council Award to Isis Brooks. Lexi Hewton was recognized with the Growth, Mindset and Perseverance Award and the Mary Cameron Sense of Humour Award went to Alexis Liverance. The Leadership Award was presented to Parker Storey and the UNESCO Global Citizenship Award to Nichole Hutchinson. The Bruce Power Science Award went to Acadia Parent, the Bruce County Beef Farmers Award to Cassidy and Savanna Green and the Greatest Improvement Award to Cole Catley. Ruby Belanger was recognized with the Citizenship Award.

The Scholastic Award was presented to Aria Thomas and the General Proficiency Award to Lena Hofstrand.

The Celtic Trip Awards went to students who stepped outside their comfort zones; the winners were Gage Robbins and Diana Monk.

L-R: Awards of Merit were presented to Travis Vanderkooy, David Thomson, Ruby Belanger, Alexis Liverance, Aria Thomas, Isis Brooks, Lexi Hewton, and Lena Hofstrand.
School Letters were presented to (back row L-R) – Travis Vanderkooy, Cole Catley, Gage Robbins, Parker Storey, Aurora Neuhaus, Aria Thomas, Eden Weatherhead, Isis Brooks, Acadia Parent, and Lena Hofstrand; (front row L-R) David Thomson, Ruby Belanger, Brielle Lawrence, Alexis Liverance, Diana Monk, Lexi Hewton, Cassidy Green, and Savanna Green.

Cassidy and Savanna Green, Lexi Hewton, Lena Hofstrand, Alexis Liverance, Diana Monk, Aurora Neuhaus, Acadia Parent, Isis Brooks, Gage Robbins, Parker Storey, Aria Thomas, Travis Vanderkooy, David Thomson, Eden Weatherhead, Ruby Belanger, Cole Catley and Brielle Lawrence received school letters. Accompanying Awards of Merit were also presented to Aria Thomas, Isis Brooks, David Thomson, Lena Hofstrand, Ruby Belanger, Alexis Liverance, Lexi Hewton and Travis Vanderkooy.

A slideshow prepared by Gage Robbins and David Thomson involved reenacting baby pictures.

Photo L-R: Grade 8 Valedictorians were Lena Hofstrand and Aria Thomas.

Nick Hutchinson and Avaa Bingling toasted the families. Valedictorians Aria Thomas and Lena Hofstrand gently roasted and toasted their classmates.

Melissa Rosenburg and Sarah Peacock brought the ceremony to a close with a toast to the students

The ceremony was followed by a student dance.